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updated: 10-Jun-2003

TV Smith
Saturday 28th September 2002
Ipswich - Beer Festival
Photos taken by TJ


  	TV Signs Charlottes Autograph book  TV  Useless Smit, Alan, Chris 13, Mark Moore & The Fleagles  TV  Mark Moore, The Fleagles & Rikki Flag  TV  Sing-a-long-a-TUTS  Smit making friends
  TV  TV  Rikki Flag first mentions The Conga  TV  Fleagle is TV Smith!!!  Smit Sumo Wrestling  Smit Wins  Kiss & Make Up
  TV  Fleagles, Smit’s back, Mark Moore & Rikki Flag  TJ & Smit  Rikki announces the Runaway Train Conga  TV  The Alan Family  The Alan Family  ‘They Promised me Star I got Staff!’ – TV with his Gooseberry Beer!
  TV Smurf  TV takes a sneak peak in TJ Sundown’s gig review book  TV and The TUTS discuss the gig  TV’s Youngest fans? 9 year old Benji & I year old Shady  TV Smurf (edited by Bored Fleagles)