Friday 17th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003

Let 'Em Go

Gung Ho and fly the flag
The shop's open, let's smash and grab
Let 'em go

The A-team white-knuckle ride
Can span the world in a single stride
Let 'em go

We'll carve it up to our satisfaction
Steal the best bits and send them back
If one or two get lost in action
It's worth it just to see the young tree snap
Let 'em go

Sign up and stand in line
It's global village idiot time
Let 'em go

We've got banks breaking on foreign shores
You can use my runway, can I use yours?
Let 'em go

We're cruising down on a laser beam
The wheel of fortune is starting to turn
This time we'll be clinical and clean
This time we've got money to burn
Let 'em go

Buffalo Bill and a burning Bush
We move in and we start to push
Let 'em go

We're going to storm the teacup and stop the rot
We've got some baggage we need to drop
Let 'em go

Who cares what happens after this?
Who cares about the mess we leave?
The pain and the cost and the injustice
The dogs of war are straining at the lead
Let 'em go
© TV Smith