Wednesday 29th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003

Statute Of Liberty

Rebels and ranters, holders of banners, anarchists, acid-heads, street marchers, stay-in-beds, sometimes your protest just won't get noticed, depends on timing whose star is rising, what story's in the news, which way they pitch the truth, which way they shake it, subvert and shape it so they can make it pay

But you can stand free under the statute of liberty just keep on pushing them away.

Media outcries, sketches and outlines, they're irresistible, one sound-bite and you're full, columns and leaders march through their readers until they all think the same


Who airs the voices? Provides the choices of which interests to protect? Gags some and not the rest? Free speech can scramble, words are a gamble, happens so often and to so many, first they're the coming storm, then they're the uniform, then they desert you harrass and hurt you until you do what they say


© TV Smith