Wednesday 29th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003

Only One Flavour

This is how it starts up
A slap and a cry
The slaps keep coming
For the rest of your life
And you don't know who to question
And you don't know how to fight
You just hope that by the end
It turns out alright

There's only one flavour
Only one way to go
No opposition
Only one view to hold

I weathered out those anxious years
Of boom and slump
In a tree and a tunnel and a tent
And a truck by a garbage dump
My life was like a motorway
My wheels were square
Sometimes I wonder How I got anywhere

Every crank, poet, genius
Pressured off the devious
Tied to the coat-tails
Speeding down the monorail ...
Only one flavour!

I woke up and I was driving
There was blood on my hands
I felt like a stranger
In an over-familiar land
Well, we all fall to the centre
But my eyes are full of stars
Sometimes I wonder
How I ever got this far
© TV Smith