Wednesday 29th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003

Driver Or Passenger

If I was a writer
And I wrote a book
That had everything in it
Would you look?

Driver or passenger
Which one is you?
Are you just here for the ride?
I think you should decide

If your life just happens
Like a movie script
Would you rather play a bit part
Or direct?

Driver or passenger
Which one rings true?
Do you stand up and revolt
Or just do what you're told?
Driver or passenger

Driver or passenger
I wonder which you are
Shift up across the seat
You might feel more complete
Fear of the world's derision
Leads to your indecision
I'm giving you these looks
'Cause I think you could be pushed

Wallflower or superpower
We could find out soon
I'm stoking the fire of ambition
In your engine room

Driver or passenger
Which one seems right?
Would you give anything to feel
Your hand upon the wheel?

Driver or passenger
Maybe I don't mind
Maybe I'm the same as you
Somewhere between the two

© TV Smith