Wednesday 29th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003

Sugar Crash

This life's so squeaky clean
Sanitised, cut to fit the screen
It's like drowning in ice cream
Pressed between the pages of a style magazine
Sugar crash

You try to cope with the strain and stress
Of living up to what the world expects
The way I look at it - more is less
I want to roll in the mud and make a mess
Sugar crash

I feel so dirty, I feel so trashed
Thrown from the vehicle, whiplashed

They tried antiseptic and they tried bleach
Disinfected and applied a leech
Trepanned and cleaned my teeth
But there's something here they can never reach
Sugar crash

They spoon it on because they've worked out that
If life tastes sweet, we don't fight back
Sugar crash
Fight back!

© TV Smith