Wednesday 29th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003

Bring The Bull Down

I’m not dumb
I’ve got principles
I know right from wrong
It’s not difficult
I’ve seen your party tricks
I’m not impressed
With your ambition
To defeat the best
I’m not attracted as you wave your cape around And bring the bull down

I’ve been groomed
Rough handled
Your bad attitude
Brings me to a standstill
Maybe it’s tough love
Or am I a soft touch?
This spectacle
Is not nearly enough
Still you dress up and grandstand to the crowd And bring the bull down

Mean and mad
Born to be bad
Quick to attack
On all the hoardings, painted black
Prod it, poke it, put a rope on it
Keep it penned up in the dark and provoke it Until it staggers out into the sun, broken and bowed

The fight’s rigged
So you can never lose
You’re waiting in the ring
I’m not going to move
It’s not like I need to see
Your superiority
You never let me forget
Which one of us is the beast
You trample all sensitivity into the ground And bring the bull down

© TV Smith