Wednesday 29th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003


Weīre out on a limb
Should we let the newboys in
We think they canīt do no harm
Letīs humour them
But they need some passion inside
They take it like a cigarette
They feel it when it breaks their minds
In their lungs
and in their chests
No regrets

They didnīt tell me
theyīd been there for so many years
I donīt know what to do
I think I love you, you love me too?
Is it really true

You canīt want me
You canīt need me
You canīt love me, see

Well, I feel like Iīm at sea
The plankīs beneath my feet
Inevitably we two must meet again
But theyīre going to extremes
Theyīre feeling quite at ease
They fight with brain instead of power
and no-one wins
Thereīs no answers

Now newboys quarrel,
theyīre bitching, they tangle
A tendency to intellectualise,
they wonīt let things be
Your conversation locks my door
Then throws away the key
You canīt help me
© TV Smith