Friday 17th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003


Anything can happen
We just react
Our cars crash at random
If we´re at the wheel why are there accidents?
But the drivers get nervous
If they think they serve no purpose
So let it thunder, let it pour
They think they´re above it all
They´re wrong, of course

It´s imagination leading the invasion
It´s imagination
not something you can hold in your hands
It´s imagination

Anything can happen
There isn´t any pattern
Feel the world collapsing
Lose control of everything
When there´s nothing to hold on to
Except the thing that´s taking over you
Is it really so disastrous?
You think it never passes
You´re wrong, of course


We feel courageous
Nothing can change us
Now we´ve had our photos taken
We´re so puffed up with pride
Our minds censor our eyes
It´s the blind leading the blind...

It´s imagination

© TV Smith