Friday 17th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003

A Token Of My Love

Her house is just a house of cards
Admirers send her flowers and drugs
Each morning brings fresh offerings
The nearest thing to real feelings
Soon she'll understand
I prepare with trembling hands

It's just a token of my love

Shadows never follow her
Her empty men grow emptier
She's used to handling broken hearts
Her hands are stained with blood
Now she holds my gift
There's nothing of value I can give

It's just a token of my love

Picture her as my gift arrives
She tears off the wrapping paper
Reaches inside
Picture her widening eyes
Now you have all of me
Suprise! Surprise!!

It's just a token of my love
What I feel for you
Words can't express
So I send you this...
© TV Smith