Wednesday 29th 2021f September 2021
updated: 10-Jun-2003

On Your Video

If it isn't invented yet, it will be
If it isn't inside your set yet, it will be
No need to step outside your door
What do you think you've got a television for?

On your video - it's the outside world
On your video - anything is possible

If it isn't up your screen, it will be
You'll be ruler of all you see completely
No talking back or violence
Sit and relax, you're using it in seld-defence

On your video - it's complete control
On your video - without getting involved

No need for love, no need for war
What do you think you've got a television for?
Back to the start you go...

Imagine it all again less hurried
Living you life without a worry
This time be calm and stay detatched
This time watch everything and never turn your back

On your video - you're in the know
On your video - you're part of the show
Out into the world you go
© TV Smith