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Title: The Lost Post
Post by: Tj on April 13, 2002, 10:30:41 AM
Hi Klaus,

Just completely lost a long post. All I did was add the colour at the end and the entire 20 minutes work dissapeared :cry:

Title: The Lost Post
Post by: Klaus on April 13, 2002, 12:32:35 PM
Hi TJ,

I absolutely understand you and made the same experience a few times myself.
At work our Internet-connection gets closed after a small period of no activity. So, if I were writing a post during that time and I pushed the submit button when the connection was already closed, I was presented with the login screen and my text was lost. Is this the same thing that happened to you?
The forum is doing this for security reasons. Most people get a different Internet (IP) address each time they connect to the Internet.
The forum remembers your login and you IP. But when the connection got closed in between writing posts, the forum finds an IP it doesn't remember to be logged in.

My recommendation:
When you are working with a PC, save your work as often possible. At least before pushing a button which could cause anything to happen (on a PC). When I write larger postings, I usually copy from time to time the complete text I have already written into the clipboard as a backup.
Saved me a lot of work already. :)

Hope, I could help you a little bit, but if you think you encountered a different kind of problem please write, what exactly happened after you pushed the submit button.