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Title: News on new look TV Smith Magazine released in April
Post by: Tj on April 01, 2010, 10:51:02 AM
TV News Headline
28 March, 2010

Back From The Dead!

We're pleased and excited to announce the imminent return of some long lost classics.

Going into production any day now will be the first issue of the revamped TV Times (no relation) fanzine, which originally appeared in the 1980's, written by author Dave Thompson, and has been resurrected by the TUTS from this website. Expect news of how to get your copy very soon.

The CD of songs from the same period will be titled "Sparkle In The Mud," and will contain almost 80 minutes of previously unheard songs. Scheduled for release in mid-May, it will be available at gigs, through a dedicated webshop here on, as well as through Boss Tuneage records and the usual outlets. There'll be much more information about it and an exclusive preview of the cover and tracklist in TV Times.

Title: Re: Quick Look Details on the new TV Smith Magazine
Post by: Tj on April 01, 2010, 10:52:20 AM
"Best of luck in bringing TV Times back from that dead!"  

The Secret is out!

Spring is the time for transformation and we are delighted to welcome back two old friends from 30 years ago. Coming soon from TV Smith and the TUTS…

     The original 80s Demos re-mastered on CD

    Back From The Dead! The Return of TV Times

The original 80s Demos re-mastered on CD

This first new edition of TV Times in 26 years is focused on TV’s latest album. After decades waiting we are delighted to present SPARKLE IN THE MUD Unreleased Songs and Demos (Volume One: 1979– 83).

Tj: Hi Teev, your old friend TV Times here, please could you share the story of the new release with your fans?   

TV: I always thought it’s a shame that they’ve never seen the light of day. I believed in the songs, and I believed that there were people out there who would want to hear them. It was just a question of how to reach them. I have a particular soft spot for the songs that were written in the depths of despair. It's that mixture of sadness with a glimmer of hope. Hanging on to the hope and looking for that chink of light in the darkness, I think that's important for all of us, and I think the songs that capture that are somehow universal.

These songs are very special to me. It was interesting to see that they're special for other people too - the songs have been sitting around so long that I'd almost forgotten people might actually like them. I think that's what motivated me to finally release this stuff.

I've had everything carefully mastered to bring out the best possible sound quality, and even though some of the original tapes had degraded quite badly most of the songs have come up sparkling like new. Considering that I once thought that most of them would be lost forever it's been a pleasure to hear them like that, and I hope the TUTS and everyone else will enjoy them too - it's been a long wait!

Tj: It would be so cool if we could use TV Times to announce the new title wouldn’t it?

TV: And...exclusively for the return of TV Times and all the TUTS, here is the cover...


Sparkle in the Mud

Tj: I sparkled. My thoughts went first to the hidden treasure of sparkling lost gems.

“I love the whole story about TV in his darkest hour working for penny’s writing such glorious songs and never giving in, forever Carrying On. Whenever I’m in a dark valley of life these songs pick me up and get me back swimming on dry land.” Tj Sundown

“The original demos released. I always hoped this would happen one day, but honestly I never really thought this would ever actually happen. But as a good friend of mine would say: You get your miracle for just daring to ask. Enjoy this miracle!” Klaus Fleischer

“It’s on this material that Smith’s development as a songwriter can be truly gauged. Smith’s forte has always been pulling off the unexpected.” Dave Thompson (Your Ticket Out Of Here)

Back From The Dead! The Return of TV Times

“When TV first told me that there were plans afoot to re-launch the TV Times  (No Relation), the fanzine that consumed almost four years of my life in the early 1980’s, my response was - Why?”
Dave Thompson (TV Times (No Relation) 30th Anniversary Edition)

“I, and the other dedicated members of the TV Times team, feel inspired to do this. It’s about having fun and spreading the word. We think this guy is gifted and what he has to say is worth listening to. The new TV Times team includes the three biggest players in the world of TV Smith; Mr TV Times aka Dave Thompson as Adviser, Mr TV aka Klaus Fleischer our Distributor and Mr TV Smith himself our inspiration. The core team that are focused on creating the new TV Times are Fred and I (Editors) and Fleag and Boris (Designers).” Tj Sundown

“Your plans for it sound great. I'll drop something into every issue if you like!” Dave Thompson

“I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the new TV Times. This is an opportunity to carry on the spirit of the old fanzine in a new context. I'm sure you'll be able to create something unique and reflect the spirit we have on the website forum. Have fun!” TV Smith

“The circle has been closed - TV Times are Carrying On!” Klaus Fleischer

“The first album I ever bought was “Crossing the Red Sea with The Adverts” and the last one I bought was “TV Smith Live at the NVA” – I guess I should get out more!” Fred Owen

“It’s going to be a huge production.” You can sing that again, Teev!” Tj Sundown

"The good times are back. The TUTS adventures!" Fleagle

"I get to read it before anyone else." :D Boris

“...Well, I never expected to see you again!" Dave Thompson (Mr TV Times)
Title: Re: Quick Look Details on the new TV Smith Magazine
Post by: Tj on April 01, 2010, 10:53:23 AM
"Expect news of how to get your copy very soon."

TV Smith

Title: Re: Hot News on official TV Smith Magazine released in April
Post by: Tj on April 03, 2010, 04:07:45 PM
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Title: Re: Hot News on official TV Smith Magazine released in April
Post by: Tj on April 05, 2010, 03:24:52 PM
 Easter is the time of renewal. Back from the Dead are two long lost classics.

First up is the long awaited release of TV Smiths legendary 80s Demos. This first volume entitled Sparkle in the Mud has already been described as the greatest album of all time (and that’s before it’s been released!) The album is crammed full of 80 minutes of rare, sublime and spellbinding songs.

We are also delighted with the return of TV Smith’s official fanzine TV Times (No Relation). TV Times spanned the gap between The Adverts and Cheap, focusing on The Explorers, Channel 5 and the 80s Demos. It was a labour of love written and produced by Dave Thompson, who has since become one of the world’s top five rock music biographers. On his suggestion TV Times has been upgraded to a magazine, designed by the creative team at Music Art Design.

Exactly 26 years ago TV Times went into hibernation with issue 43. TV Times 44 focuses on the stories of TV Times and Sparkle in the Mud (including an exclusive cover shot). The tales are told by Dave (TV Times) Thompson, Klaus ( Fleischer, Tj (Exploring Madness) Sundown and a rather sparkling TV Smith. It also features greetings from fans and celebrities from around the globe. 

Get It Now through this free download… (

Please send your feedback on TV Times to (

Help us spread the word by getting your friends into the wise words, infectious tunes and live wire energy of TV Smith and get them to download TV Times by emailing Klaus at     

Happy Easter TUTS and a special TV Time Happy Birthday to TV Smith.