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Title: Info on Earthbound in Augsburg Oct. 2013
Post by: Uli on July 30, 2013, 09:56:05 AM
Here's all info in one post (see other thread for planning & discussion)!

October 4th (doors: 7pm)
Augsburg, old Gasworks building

It's going to happen under the roof of this Festival:

(Entry to the exhibition should be only 3 Euro. Subject to change.)

Tourist info English:

Regio Augsburg GmbH (für tel. anfragen wegen Übernachtungen)
0821 - 50207 31
(phone for hotel inquiries)


4. Oktober (Einlass ab 19 Uhr)
Augsburg, altes Gaswerk

August-Wessels-Straße 30, 86156 Augsburg

Eintritt voraussichtlich nur 3 Euro. (Zugang zur Ausstellung.)


This will be updated when more infos come in.
Thread for planning & discussion:
Title: Re: Info on Eartbound in Augsburg Oct. 2013
Post by: Uli on October 06, 2013, 04:46:01 PM
My heartfelt THANK YOU to TV, Gerhard & PamP, who made this happen for us.  8)
Special thanks to all TUTS who actually made the effort and came to the gig plus all the nice people of the festival.
Extra thanks to the City of Augsburg and all sponsors who made the festival AC/UK possible.