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TV Chat / Re: What you need is something... CHEAP!
« on: September 02, 2012, 09:36:40 PM »
Hi! I've never posted in these forums before so I hope I don't just wander down paths that everyone else has already explored.

But this is actually a bit geeky/fussy so I'm probably on safe ground!

In the gig lists for 1987, there are two 'mystery' gigs listed with no dates or venues. I have no problem with one of these but the other seems weird because it has a set list that includes songs that wouldn't have been in the set for quite a while after that (Borderline, Ghosts, Ready for the Axe..., Freeworld).

The reason I'm interested in these details is that a) I really love the Cheap songs and b) I was at two of the next three gigs (both at Reading's Paradise Club) one in April and one in May. At the first of these gigs, the band ran out of songs they knew and had to play Silicon Valley Holiday again as an encore - so I don't think the 'mystery' gig could have ever included the additional songs. Meanwhile, the May gig in Reading was interesting because it included Third Term and I think this must have been the first time it was played live - a month before the general election in which Thatcher actually got her third term. TV called it the band's "ode to the inevitable"!

I am really looking forward to the Cheap anthology that TV has just announced. My kind of listening!

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