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TV Live / T.V. - Special Guest at the Wasserturm-Gig (15.06.02)
« on: June 16, 2002, 11:50:59 AM »
He, he everybody!

Again a very very great and special T.V. gig!

Together with Vom, Happy, another guy, who played the guitar and Kuddel (for the last six songs) the great man played a lot of useless songs.

First time for me to see T.V . "just" as a singer. And so I have to say that I really didn´t know that he seemed to be such a great and enthusiastic dancer. He and his band sprayed a lot of us energy into the audience.
Hard to describe the atmosphere. Great is probably a very obvious one, But it was it really!!

But there were still some other personal highlights for me:
Meeting another forum face: Alex and her friend Antje. Hope you´re night wasn´t to bad?
And meeting Melanie, Klaus girlfriend. Very, very great evening with both of you!!


TV Songs / The lion and the lamp or der Löwe und die Lampe
« on: April 21, 2002, 06:35:47 PM »
Hi T.V. Wise Words fans,

today I would like to introduce you my favourite song:

The lion and the lamp

If I should say why it is my favourite one, I do not know if I would find the right words in english so I say it with P.K. words (I hope that is is o.k. when I rope them):

"Unlike Klaus and Tj I am not very good at quoting lines from TV´s songs but deep down in the dark recesses of my brain TV must have touched something with his (and for me espesially with this) songs."

Is there anyone else who likes this one very much or is this a typical woman song? Or hates anyone this song?


Bugs & Tips / Shoutbox!!!
« on: April 20, 2002, 11:43:27 PM »

is there any computerexpert out there, who can explain me how to use the shoutbox??
I really seemed to be too stupid  :roll: (and I really swaer that I am not blnd :wink: .

Pleaaaaaase! It is very important because I would like to answer Tj fot the next time.

Praktisch wäre übrigens, wenn mir jemand auf Deutsch antworten würde ... Klaus, Kaenga????


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