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TV Chat / Sleaze on the radio
« on: May 29, 2010, 03:34:56 AM »
I know, it's a bit late to be telling you now but... did anyone here listen to the Glam Rock special on back in March?

And, if so, did you catch the world broadcast premier of "Hollywood" by Sleaze? 

If not... well, you missed it.  Thought you'd like to know, though, that of all the calls we got that afternoon while the show was on the air, more rang in to say they liked the Sleaze track than any other single record played. 

TV Chat / Sparkling Reviews of Sparkle in the Mud
« on: May 29, 2010, 03:31:17 AM »
To save you hunting down whichever copy of Goldmine this will be appeaing in, here's the US collectors magazine's review of Sparkle....

TV Smith
Sparkle In The Mud – Unreleased Songs and Demos Volume One: 1979-1983
Boss Tuneage BTRCRS 043
Of all the songwriters thrown up by the British punk scene, TV Smith was the one that the critics were singling out from the start – not because they necessarily enjoyed the Adverts, the period vehicle for his output, but because the sheer quality of his writing was evident to all.  And when the Adverts split in 1979, it would have been a foolish seer indeed who would have predicted that another decade-plus would elapse before Smith found another reliable, regular outlet.  Foolish but, unfortunately, accurate.
Just two new albums, 1981’s Last Words of the Great Explorer and 1983’s Channel Five dignified that decade; it would be 1992 before Smith re-emerged with the remarkable March Of The Giants.  Of course, there’s been no looking back since then, but looking back is exactly what Sparkle In The Mud is for, as Smith digs through the archive of songs he wrote during those lost, long years, and lets us know exactly what we missed out on.  Some are home demos, some are full studio recordings; some show their age in terms of tape quality, others sparkle no matter how much mud is spattered across them.  And this is only four years’ worth.  Subsequent volumes will tell tales of their own.
Not every one of the twenty-one songs here was completely lost.  A couple of songs made it onto Channel Five, a couple more have been revisited in recent years.  And a free bonus download offers up two early sketches for Explorers era classics.  But that still leaves a lot of unreleased bang for your buck, including the first songs Smith wrote in the aftermath of the Adverts; others that would have shaped a second Explorers LP, and enough false starts for subsequent records that it’s amazing he retained his sanity. 
No matter what the prevailing musical moods of the day may have been, it is incredible that songs as good as “Open Up Your Heart,” “Downbeat” and “Trojan Horse” were overlooked by the A&R men of the era.  “Wheels Out Of Gear” carries us back to the riots that ripped across England in 1981.  And the understated apocalypse of “New Discoverers” and “One Of Our Missiles Is Missing” says so much about the political mood of the age that, listening to them today, you could be back in the bunker with Maggie and Ronnie, wondering who’ll be first to the final sip of water.  My money’s on Maggie.  That handbag wasn’t just for show, you know.
Dave Thompson

World Of TUTS / Glam Rock Madness
« on: March 06, 2010, 04:13:22 PM »
In case anyone's near their computer this afternoon/evening... Dave "TV Times" Thompson is co-hosting FOUR HOURS of Glam Rock on American National Public Radio.  1-5pm US time, 6-10 UK.  So put on your platforms and satin loon pants, and dial in to...

from Neil Gaiman's blog... see the last paragraph.

From Dec 1977. A punk band, sort of. We grew up to be, left to right, an eminent artist, me, one of the secret masters of British Comedy, (standing) a Meteorite Man, and, (bottom right) um, I have no idea, and not just because he left the band or vice versa shortly after. (His name is, or was, Simon Wilson, the last time I saw him it was 25 years ago and he had just stopped working in the securities division of a bank. A few years ago, after a signing in Texas, an old schoolfriend told me that he had heard that Simon was dead, although that might have been someone else. I hope he's not dead.)

So far I've been extremely disappointed by Meteorite Men: I keep waiting for them to find a Peculiar Glowing Meteorite that will turn Geoffrey into an enormous lumpy Kirbyish monster and then the other Meteorite Man will have to battle him until the effects wear off. It still hasn't happened. On the other hand, it's got lots of cool meteorite hunting in it, and it's really fun TV.

Also, there's still most of the season to go for them to find a proper glowing meteorite that will transform Geoffrey into Nott-Kin: The Thing That Shambles like a Man. So I will keep watching.

As a tiny side-note from the past: Geoff and I went to the Adverts gig advertised at the bottom of the poster, and I've been a fan of T.V. Smith's ever since (and am currently reading his travel diaries, How To Feel Human).


Hey TUTS... you'll have read elsewhere on the site that it's now thirty years since the first issue of the TV Times rolled off the work photocopier - and to celebrate, I've put together a souvenir book telling the full story.


In print for the first time in thirty years, a 132 page digest of the very best (and least illegible) of the legendary TV Times (No Relation), the official publication of the TV Smith fan club between 1980-1983.

Softbound, 8x10" and black and white, the book includes all 43 original covers, plus choice articles, illustrations, a wealth of never-before published photos, unpublished material and more.

Normally $25 ... special offer for TUTS, $20



TV Chat / Songs That Never Were
« on: November 16, 2009, 04:26:38 AM »
We all have our favourite TV songs that have never been released/recorded... how about ones that never even got written?

From my 1978 diary, trying to make sense of all the new songs included in the Adverts live set that summer... "Men Of Salt."

Of course, it was "Male Assault."  OR WAS IT?

Any other mis-hearings that are actually damned good titles?


Enough people have e-mailed over the years asking me to do this, so I finally did.  "Your Ticket Out Of Here"... the complete and utter guide to TV and his music... is now available as a "real" BOOK.  Paper, pages, take it into the bath, cover it in purple crayon, the lot.

Get your copy now from...

Plus, if you care, I also have books available about



Dave Thompson

TV Chat / Some New Kind of Great EXPLORERS
« on: October 13, 2009, 02:49:22 AM »
I'm some new kind of great explorer
I sink the lowest, I go further
I'm sailing in the 'Lucky Dragon'
I'm ready for whatever happens
Living out the life unstable
Men like animals, untameable

TV Smith On Wheels

I was still in the foothills when I fell asleep
But I dreamed that I climbed all night
Until the blood ran from my feet
And I felt like a mountaineer as he reaches the brow
I dreamed I was waking up
What´s the use of that now?

Tomorrow - we will learn how to really love
Together - we´ll go to distant lands
Tomorrow - we´ll see ourselves as others must see us
Together - we will be really friends again

That´s the famous last words of the great explorer

TV Smith Last Words of The Great Explorer

Listening back to some old Explorers-and-after era stuff and thinking about the great lyrics that got away...

"the first kiss of an endless repeat" ("World Of My Own")... "across London Bridge the night crashes in, I'm being shipped to America limb by limb" ("New Ways Are Best")...

and wondering - are there any other examples of TV lyrics that changed radically between demo/live and eventual recording?

Or do I just have too much time on my hands?

TV Chat / TV on the radio again
« on: October 13, 2009, 02:44:07 AM »
I was guest host on "Highs in the 70s" on WXPN Philadelphia on Saturday October 10, a four hour punk special, so no prizes for guessing who the first guest was... a phone interview with TV.  Listen in (I hope) here... TV comes on during the first 15 minutes, between the Stiff "One Chord Wonders" and the new live album's "Gary Gilmore's Eyes."

Original title by Dave...Shameless self-promotion (sort of)

Dave Thompson here... thought some of you may be interested to know there's a year in the early life of TV and the Adverts running through my latest (out this month) book "London's Burning: True Adventures on the Frontlines of Punk 1976-1977", published by Chicago Review Press.  Take a look!

TV Songs / Video for Third Term
« on: October 06, 2006, 11:20:55 PM »
Does anyone have a copy of the Third Term video?

TV Questions / The Life And Times Of TV Smith - Radio Show Info Wanted?
« on: October 06, 2006, 11:18:58 PM »
TV on TV?

Dave Thompson here... I'm just setting out to update the old "Life & Times of TV Smith" discography/biography of many years ago, and need details of ANY radio/television appearances he's done over the past 15 years... name of the show, date of broadcast, songs performed, etc.  Thanks.

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