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World Chat / Lee Griffiths playing gig in Devon May 6th
« on: April 24, 2006, 02:26:15 PM »
For all of you who regularly attend the Tom Robinson Castaway parties and appreciate the talents of El Griffo.......

Just to remind everyone that Lee is playing the Bishop Lacy, Chudleigh,
Devon on May 6th. Tickets cost 4.

If you would like to reserve tickets let me know.

The gig is due to start at 8.30pm and the room is booked until 1am.

Local B+B can be arranged.


TV Live / TV Back 'Home' Live In Malborough, Devon on 6.05.05
« on: May 02, 2005, 09:42:51 AM »
anybody else going on Friday.

at last TV is coming home to play in Devon, I've only been nagging him for the last five years...

Never been to the Malborough but only 30 minutes to get home afterwards.

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