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TV Live / Munic Gig
« on: November 03, 2004, 09:08:55 AM »
is this right?  :cry:  i quiet cant belive this, again no TV Gig for me, so happy to goe :-(

Fri 19 Nov 04, München - Kings'n'Queens - SOLD OUT! (solo)

hoppe someone knows more


TV Live / TV German Gigs 2004
« on: July 24, 2004, 08:45:53 PM »
Suprise the tour dates for Germany are out, great

the dates seems a bit strange for me puzzel
is tv rushing in 11 days from nord throug middel Germany like speedy G.

and what means TB Frankfurt?

and ther is no Munic  on the list   :-(


TV Chat / TV Smith --------- Newsletter twisted cord ----------
« on: November 29, 2003, 05:54:18 PM »
TV du hast ein dickes kompliment von denen erhalten :-)

Eigentlich dauerhaft auf Tour ist unser Lieblingsliedermacher TV Smith aus England. Zu TV muss wohl nicht mehr viel gesagt oder geschrieben werden, eine der wenigen lebenden Legenden des Punkrock und einer der nettesten Menschen dieses Universums... Im Dezember gibt es wieder einige Live-Show in Deutschland, die Ihr Euch natürlich nicht entgehen lassen solltet:
06.12. Grünberg (bei Gieesen) - Clou
07.12. Kassel - A.R.M.
08.12. Hamburg - Knust
09.12. Oldenburg - Charly`s
10.12. Berlin - Wild at heart
11.12. Chemnitz - AJZ
12.12. Dresden - Church
13.12. Fürth - Kunstkeller
14.12. München - Orangehouse
16.12. Frankfurt - Backstage
17.12. Bochum - Wageni
19.12. Düsseldorf - Tor 3
20.12. Stolberg - Savoy

World Chat / Computers :-)))
« on: November 16, 2003, 09:43:59 PM »
For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way
computers have enhanced our lives, read on.

At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the
computer industry with the auto industry and stated, If GM had kept up
with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving
$25.00 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon.

In response to Bill's comments, General Motors issued a press release
stating: If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be
driving cars with the following characteristics ( and I just love this

1. For no reason whatsoever, your car would crash twice a day.

2. Every time they repainted the lines in the road, you would have to
buy a new car.

3. Occasionally your car would die on the freeway for no reason. You
would have to pull over to the side of the road, close all of the
windows, shut off the car, restart it, and reopen the windows before you
could continue. For some reason you would simply accept this.

4. Occasionally, executing a manoeuvre such as a left turn would
cause your car to shut down and refuse to restart, in which case you
would have to reinstall the engine.

5. Macintosh would make a car that was powered by the sun, was reliable,
five times as fast and twice as easy to drive - but would run on only
five percent of the roads.

6. The oil, water temperature, and alternator warning lights would all
be replaced by a single "This Car Has Performed An Illegal Operation"
warning light.

7. The airbag system would ask "Are you sure?" before deploying.

8. Occasionally, for no reason whatsoever, your car would lock you out
and refuse to let you in until you simultaneously lifted the door
handle, turned the key and grabbed hold of the of the radio antenna.

9. Every time a new car was introduced car buyers would have to learn
how to drive all over again because none of the controls would operate
in the same manner as the old car.

10.You‘d have to press the "Start" button to turn the engine off.

Please share this with your friends who love - but sometimes hate their

World Chat / @ Klaus
« on: May 03, 2003, 01:15:42 PM »
did you record HR3 Radio Show with TV?
I only got the last half hour :-(

World Chat / Just Tip for
« on: March 19, 2003, 09:39:36 AM »
good Web-Interview. :-)

Colin Newman - 18.03.2003
Wire Mastermind Colin Newman im - Web-TV. Special Guest: Vom Ritchie / DTH. Interview mit Joachim Hiller / Ox Fanzine.

This interview is quiet good and  so funny..........................
for Vom and Colin it must be  :oops:  the day after.


World Chat / @ Klaus
« on: March 10, 2003, 08:52:54 AM »
kann es sein das sich die Post etwas selbständig macht, Betr. Duncan Pope? Oder war das an alle gedacht. :-)))
Mal wieder nicht hoffend auf Virus.


World Chat / So eben
« on: February 19, 2003, 09:34:22 PM »
läuft auf Antenne Düsseldorf eine Sendung mit Vom :-)
Leider kein Wave rec.

Reichlich Werbung für TV  und Musik von .... , auch neues Lied, Super Crash oder so lief eben, great.
Mal hoffen das sie das alls MP3 rausstellen.


World Chat / Swimming In The... Red Sea and Channel 5!
« on: January 22, 2003, 01:36:39 PM »
so i dont know quiet were to but it.

1. How many different Cover, are there out for Adverts LP Crossing the Red Sea i count  3 and a know bit puzzeld.

2. What is the Channel 5 CD like


oh and i finally got the March of the Giant , thanks to Lari, great CD and today Tomawk Cruise allso great :-)


World Chat / Here i am
« on: January 06, 2003, 09:02:40 AM »
back from a few days of.
And 206 new post, wow you have been very  beasy here again.


TV Chat / Forum Freinds Are Never Forgotten
« on: November 24, 2002, 12:12:26 PM »
few weeks not online, known one missed me :-(
and 674 Posts,  waaaaaaaaaaaaah


TV Chat / Ebay
« on: October 17, 2002, 07:49:21 PM »
Today in Ebay,  still looking for March of the Giant.......
Know luck again.

Tape: TV Smith / The Adverts Live & Demos

Some peopel try to make out of everting money.


TV Songs / EBP (Transfer)
« on: September 17, 2002, 07:35:45 PM »
Nice Avatar Sloopy Punk  :D


Uli told us about how some shops put up their prices when the Euro came in  :x

Taking advantage of the confusion that comes with a new currencey :!:

Mrs Fleagle  :roll:

TV Live / DTH Loreley
« on: July 29, 2002, 09:01:40 PM »
So as you can see i am back.

Aber  :cry:  was lese ich TV Smith tritt auf der Loreley bei der Hosenparty auf aber nur für Camping Bucher, Freitag, was für ein sch.., was das sollte frage ich mich.......
Jedesmal seit 2 Jahren wen TV Smith im Frankfurter Raum Auftritt ist der Wurm drinnen und es kommt was dazwischen ,das ich nicht hin kann  heuuullll, das gibts doch garnicht.  


TV Chat / Server Problem Hilfe
« on: June 02, 2002, 10:08:43 PM »
Hi Klaus

sorry i am to lazy to put it in english


Ich hatte für hier immer ein festes Cookie, mit dem ich auch immer problem los rein kam, zeitweise auch kein Login notwendig war.
Jetzt habe ich plötzlich für jedes mal ein Cookie, teils mehre für einen Tag (pro Forum), ich stehe nicht mehr auf der Online Liste (das stört weniger), und der Text kommt zweitweise auch doppelt.
Internet Explorer.

völlig gepuzzelt.....

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