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A hello to all 2010 earthbounder!

We wish all of you great days with a lot of fun, music, drinks and sunshine.

Many greetings from Jürgen, Paul and Simse   


Hello to all of you!
Now we re all lucky back to our normal lifes....
I would like  to say "thank you" to all of you for your nice comments and I am happy that you seemed to ve liked the trip to fürstenberg. At least a lot of you will ever remind the man with the digeridoo....
For me it was very great to see many of you again  :) or for the first time like lisa, fiona, scheißerle or glamy.
Very nice experience to have the chance to have a talk to you, Gabumon.  :-* ;)
One bad experience ...... ;) Strange english guys bought 20 different kind of beer bottles and left them at our home. What should we do with so many different kinds of beer!!! Jürgen will have after drinking a terrible headache...... ::) Happy, that I cant help me at the moment.
Klaus, I have your t-shirt!! What are you going to do for getting it back?? It will not be very easy.

See all of you in england next year, or?



Hi to eyeryone, going to earthbound!
The latest news to the german earthbound gig:
Because of the weather in the last weeks and the weather forecast I changed in the last minute my mind (I dont knwo if you can understand it, but I dont want to have a live gig and at least 50 beer drinking people in my livingroom, I am no punk ......) and so the gig will be now in a pub in my village.
Everybody who is successfully registered has got already the right adress via mail from Klaus.
The pub opens at 19Uhr30, the gig will be later (that is up to T.V.).
As I am doing that event like a private party, I hope you all can understand, that I ve to limited the admittance. But as Klaus saied, until now we saied to nobody "no".

Nice to see all of you saturday night

P.S. Tj: Relax- Everbody has the right adress and you know that we will pick you up friday morning at the airport. Where is the problem?  I think, it doesnt matter whether it is a lake- a garden or a pubgig. It is just important to have a date and a place, where we all could meet, listen to great music and have together a drink.     


I had to recognize that I didnt understand as well the english as the german instruction for the voting... ???

Tried to do that with the poll but I am not sure if it worked.

So here are my top ten:
The lion and the lamb
The Lords`s Prayer
It`s Expensive being poor
Generation Y
Carrying on
Driver or Passenger
Only one flavour
The future used to be better
Swimming in the flood
Tomahawk Cruise

Wish you all a nice and shiny weekend

TV Live / TV Lakeside at EARTHBOUND 2009 in Germany on 4-6.09.09
« on: April 14, 2009, 10:49:33 AM »
Hey Tuts,
as TJ has asked me for some more informations, I will try to give you them:
The nearest airports to my home are paderborn (30 min by car); dortmund (1 hour by car) and düsseldorf (1 and a half hour). I am not sure, if the paderborn airport is having any cheap tickets. So it is no problem, if you take Dortmund (easy jet) or Düsseldorf. If I knwo, how much english tuts are coming, I try to arrange the lift for all of you to my moms house. I am sure, that this will be no problem because I ve nice friends, who will give you a lift too.
For the gig in Kasseel is my suggestion, that I drive to Kassel and that we rent a big taxi. You could share the moeny for the taxi and it will be much cheaper if you dont need any accomodation in kassel. I guess that it cant be more than 20 Euro for both ways each person.
But If you like to stay in kassel, it is no problem too. You could go saturday morning from kassel to paderborn by train and and then you can take a bus to Fürtsenberg or I pick you up in paderborn.
Saturday is the earthbound in Fürstenberg, everything is arranged and I dont tell you more.... Just that you needs shoes, you can walk for a long time.
So mrs fleagles, this time no high heels, please....
Sunday is the gig in a nice irish pub in paderborn. Thats not far away, so no problem to go there (thats the town with the rabbit window...).
The way back to the airport I try to give you a lift too.....
So rancidtom, if you can make it, you are like the other english tuts invited to stay the three days in my moms house, breakfast included.
German tuts please write me a message, if you need an accomodation. If you book it early, there are really good rooms, which you can have for 13 Euro a night.

Hope, the informations help you.

Fri 04 Sep 09 KASSELL - K19 
PRE-EARTHBOUND gig and Fotomania's birthday party. With Lost Lyrics and guests. Free Entry!

Sat 05 Sep 09 Simse's EARTHBOUND Lakeside Party in Fürstenberg
EARTHBOUND. The annual TUTS fan club meeting in Germany. With lost songs and TUTS.

Sun 06 Sep 09 PADERBORN - Limericks 
Post-EARTHBOUND gig in this great Irish pub in nearby Paderborn! Entry €5. Marienstr. 2, 33098 Paderborn

TV Live / Re: TV Lakeside at EARTHBOUND 2009 in Germany
« on: February 12, 2009, 08:25:07 PM »
Hey Tuts,
this time the german earthbound is more than a private party (saturday evening) at a small lake near Paderborn. In my younger times we always had once a year a party at that place and it was always my favourite one....
So I will do it like a revival for 60-80 people and I will hope that you will like it and be sure, I will take care that it is a beer lake...
There are just some little things, which could be a problem  ;) The Lake is for drinking water so you can imagine that cars are forbidden there and just VIPs can be brought by car to the lake, the others have to walk  (both ways...). So it will be a little adventure because you have to walk through a dark forrest... On the other hand (and Tj told me not to tell that) the lake is wonderful for swimming by night.
The english tuts are invited to sleep at our house and we will try to give you a lift to our place (if you not go to munich and if you not decide to leave on sunday morning).
German tuts: Please help yourself. There are a lot of different kinds of accomodation from very cheap (14 Euro with breakfast) and clean to a first class hotel. If you need any adresses, please contact me.
On sunday morning all tuts are invited for a brunch to our home.
Hope that you still like the idea. Thats the basic and there will be space for different things. Maybe you would like to see the very famous cathedral of paderborn with its rabbits windows?....Or you would like to see the technical museum? Dont be shy and ask me :D


TV Live / Re: Germany EARTHBOUND 2009
« on: February 07, 2009, 01:27:52 PM »
Hi Tuts!
Klaus, I am impressed - how did you know what kind of lake I am talking about .... ;)

More informations tomorrow.
Very happy that you all like the date.




Thank you for the nice words.
Very happy to see all of you again.

We ve just one question.
I read all the things about the accomodation possibilites. I am still not sure to book a hotel in London or that one in Wallington.
From what time on it will be a problem to come back to central london in the night?


TV Live / Re: More German dates
« on: October 27, 2008, 07:32:39 PM »
At the end of the set I had made some further new friends. Strangely people seemed to guess I was English without me saying a word.....


You are joking mate?


He's not joking, TJ...specially female new Friends  :o :o :o :o :o :o :D :D :D :D :D

Hey Tj,

I just can confirm the incredible effect of Alan to the german female audience ....
It was not  easy for mansunkid to take him home.
Help me - can you remember a german gig where the ladies came to you ... :o :-* ::)?
.... But that just by the way....

See you in london and hope that you will still speak with me


Hey to everyone, but specially to the fleagles,

Jürgen and me would like to come to the earthbound.
We are really looking forward to see you again.


I hoped and wished so much in the last month that Mr C5 had a chance against the cancer. Like all of you I am very sad that he has gone and that I can never meet him again.
I dont saw him very often but every meeting was like being together with a good old friend. I ve  liked his special kind of humor and the pleasant way he was talking about his ideas, his life  or other people. I dont think that it is very often that you can feel so happy and accepted while being together with an other person but Mr C5 was such a wonderful person.


World Of TUTS / Klaus, Tj and the woman
« on: September 04, 2006, 07:12:19 PM »
... Seems that I have missed a lot.
But now I will take care that there are enough real ladys at the german gig. Hope you are glad Klaus.
Bye Simse

TV Live / unforgetable weekend
« on: September 13, 2005, 06:19:28 PM »
Hey Tj,
fingers crossed for your weekend.
I would be really happy if Lisa and you could make it.

And look, if I show Lisa the shopping possibilities on Düsseldorfs famous Königsallee and if TV plays "this love" in the night  Lisa must really like that weekend.

Although I am not sure if you still will.... :wink:  :wink:


TV Live / Hotel
« on: July 20, 2005, 12:42:53 PM »
Hello to everybody,

I would like to invite Jürgen and me for that great event.

And MrC5 I would like to offer you for that the weekend the jürgen and simse hotel in bochum including a transfer from the airport..
 (But its just a offer and if you prefer a hotel no problem)

Greetings Simse

TV Live / Eg EL
« on: April 22, 2005, 02:56:24 PM »
just want to tell all tuts who are interested in a german earthbound that I am going to talk about the possibilities in may when I am together with Klaus at/on the two London gigs.

Great that there are some english guys who are interested in culture  :wink:

Many greetings Simse

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