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TV Chat / The Adverts Live on Punk In London DVD
« on: March 24, 2002, 11:58:52 PM »
Yiipppppeeeeee Alan - I finally got the DVD today. :D  :D  :D

It was great seeing the Arturo Bassick clip again. :) (See my Ashton gig review and the forthcoming one from Lincoln.)

Extra bonus Clash live tracks. :D

And then there is The Adverts live in Berlin in 1978. :P

The Adverts  :P blast The Clash  :D out of the water in this battle and that takes some doing (mind you I havn't watched the new Rude Boy tracks yet.)

I think the new live track listing is Gary Gilmores Eyes, Love Songs, Televisions Over, I Surrender and Great British Mistake.  The start to Televisions Over is terrific as Howard propells himself into a scissor kick. Fred will love this live version of his favourite Adverts song. :P

TV is in awesome aggresive form right throughout the gig. :P No wonder I remember The Adverts and The Clash as the best two live Punk bands. :P

But what was a girl doing there in a Staus Quo T-shirt  :roll: and what did she say? :?  

BUY IT NOW :!: I hope TV is getting a lot of cash out of this or we'll set the T.U.T.S. Army on Sony. :evil:

Here is a quote from Mojo (page 128).

"A chat with The Lurkers bassist Arturo Bassick and his elderly parents is priceless, a rare glimpse of the Subway Sect fascinating, as is previously unseen footage of The Adverts (in Berlin) and The Clash in Munich."

They have a picture of the Dead Kennedy's, which looks an awfull lot like Howard Pick Up and TV Smith.  :P The unfortunate caption (right next to Howard) reads "Fast forward to death." Nice one Mojo. :x


TV Smith, Richard 'Kid' Strange & Stoner are just Exploring Madness

Hi Ulrich,

Some facts on TV Smith and the cast of the Doctors Of Madness following on from Ulrich's question under The Damned and The Adverts section.

TV Smith and Gaye Adverts were big fans of The Doctors Of Madness in 1976.

Dave Vanian was in The Damned and briefly in the Doctors Of Madness.

Richard Strange  :P (vocals) was in the Doctors Of Madness and very briefly in The Adverts.

Stoner :P (bass) was in the Doctors Of Madness and played throughout the journey of TV Smith's Explorers  :P

Richard Strange  :P and TV Smith  :P wrote, played and sang several songs together and some of the demo's have been available as bootlegs.  :o I titled the Demo's Raw Meat For The Missionaries after one of the lines in the fantastic track Some Kind Of War. :P

Richard Strange and TV Smith played together at the Doctors Of Madness last gig - now available as a Japanese CD ("You be Japan") on Captain Trip records under the title Into The Strange.  8O

TV Smith and Stoner were re-united a few years ago for a one off gig. I missed it. :cry:

TV Smith and Richard Strange were re-united at Southwick last year. I caught it. :P  :D but, I forgit my camera :cry:  

TV Smith and Richard Strange are performing seperately  :cry: at the moment :roll: at Southwick on June 1st 2002.  :D

My favourite ever artist is TV Smith  :P and my favourite ever band is the Doctors Of Madness. :P
My favourite two albums ever are Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms :P and March Of The Giants :P

So which Doctors Of Madness CD should you buy you ask :?:

To be continued :arrow:

"Dressed up like Adam and Eve - Raw Meat For The Missionaries" Some Kind Of War


TV Chat / New Ideas For The TV Forum Sections
« on: March 23, 2002, 09:27:53 PM »
Hi Klaus,

Here are some new :idea:'s for TV Smith Forum sections:-

The alternative to T.U.T.S. (TV  U.K. Tour Society) - focusing on the exciting 2002 European tour.

Focusing on quotes and comments about TV's deep and fasinating lyrics.
This section should also include postings about the true meaning of TV's meaningfull lyrics.
e.g. Walk The Plank If there's one thing the British are good at it's exploiting foreign people. They are absoute experts at it. They give them filthy jobs and blame them for everything that's wrong and that's what Walk The Plank is about!
Nice to kick it off with something uncontreversal. :wink: You'll be delighted to know that the T.U.T.S. are nothing like the British people highlighted above - may they stay in the minority. All the left hand rise!
Speaking of the T.U.T.S. Klaus, maybe you could re-post the original posts from the last forum on what the T.U.T.S. are all about.

Many people (like me) will be struggling with the technology.  :? Some of you computer wizards could give us some short cuts, tips and explanations for some of the devices (e.g. What is a Img :?: )
Here's a tip about posting from the Development & Learning Manager: Remeber the KISS of the COBRA and Keep It Short & S[/b]imple - Clear Objective Brief Relevant Accurate.  :roll: If it doesn't fit in to the original title then start a new topic.  

Hope this helps mate - the hits and posts are showing you are doing a fantastic job.  :P

"I will cheer you on when your strength has gone" We Want The Road


World Chat / Hi TVers - Join In
« on: March 23, 2002, 02:09:28 PM »
C'mon post - you might enjoy it :P

"You have to climb - but, you don't have to win"I Looked At The Sun


World Chat / Welcome To The New TV Forum Campino
« on: March 22, 2002, 12:09:07 AM »
I just love daydreaming :)


TV Live / DMW were great, but where was TV Smith?
« on: March 21, 2002, 06:39:02 PM »
They were excellent TV and only you could have made it a better gig.

I didn't have a chat with them though, so if you get the time join them on stage later in the tour.

You need to check out their website for dates. :roll:


TV Chat / Next TV CD Sounds Great
« on: March 17, 2002, 08:46:53 PM »
Thanks Klaus,

I really believe that TV's next CD will be better than March Of The Giants, which, as everyone knows, is the second best album of all time. :D

You lucky, lucky boy. :mrgreen:


World Chat / TV Is A Cockney Rebel
« on: March 16, 2002, 06:43:56 PM »
Hi Klaus and Fred,

Isn't it funny that when you change something everyone suddenly loves the old ways.  :? The good news is that it is just part of the mormal change cycle.  :) Oh! no - he's going to go into some people development and learning speel  :evil:

I quite like the silly smiley faces.  :oops:  

Am I on my own out their :?:

I agree that the other site was simple  :roll: which is great for someone like me. Gather we didn't get the spell checker though. :cry:
I think the best thing is that now all my German friends might actually understand me (_!_)  :!:

Well done on all your hard work Klaus.  :D Hey does this feedback deserve a reward :?:  :wink:


TV Chat / TV Smith In Dead Men Walking
« on: March 16, 2002, 06:21:42 PM »
Hi TV,

I'm going to see Dead Men Walking again on Monday, at the New Roscoe in Leeds. :)

Have you any plans to get on stage with them on their latest tour. :P

Do you want me to discuss the posibility with either Mike Peters, Pete Wylie, Kirk Brandon, Gken Matlock or Alfie Noakes :?: Bloody name dropper :!:  :mrgreen:

Why am I addressing all my new postings on the the new site directly to you :?:  :?  It must be one of those culture things :!:  :roll:  


TV Live / 1977 in 2002?
« on: March 16, 2002, 01:48:59 AM »
Hi TV,

Any plans to tour with the superb 1977 later in the year :?:


TV Chat / New CD Release in 2002
« on: March 16, 2002, 01:44:49 AM »
Hi TV,

How are your stunning new works progressing :?:

What is the chance of a 2002 release :?:  8O

I bet you especially love these little  :D  :)  :(  :o  8O  :?  8)  :lol:  :x  :P  :oops:  :cry: (_!_)  :evil:  :twisted:  :roll:  :wink: blighters don't you.


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