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World Chat / Re: Music Documentaries
« on: June 11, 2020, 09:15:00 AM »
Could be a good one:
It might well be a good year indeed for the former frontman of the Celtic punk band as Magnolia Pictures have picked up the North American rights to the Johnny Depp-produced documentary Crock of Gold – A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan.

“We here at Magnolia are very excited to bring audiences this film about a true icon, Shane MacGowan, directed by another icon, Julien Temple,” Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles told Deadline.

World Chat / Re: The Sensible Gray Cells
« on: June 11, 2020, 09:10:11 AM »
PRE SALES for the New Single will available at the end of JUNE.. Take a look...

7” Taster for forthcoming album!
Limited to 600 copies (300 Gray/300 Red)

The Sensible Gray Cells are…
Captain Sensible – electric and acoustic guitars, lead and backing vocals, and interesting noises
Paul Gray – bass and assorted string things.
Martin Parrott – drums

Who, what and why are The Sensible Gray Cells?
Captain:- Paul Gray and myself being garage-psych aficionados would prefer to hear more of this kind of music and this is our contribution to the cause. If I said that some of the songs were ‘Damned rejects’ that shouldn’t be seen as an indication of inferior songwriting.. more that they’re not wearing the right shirt.

‘So Long’ is the new single what’s the song about?
Captain:- Ha ha.. it’s a bit like the intro to ’60s TV’s The Prisoner where Patrick Mcgoohan storms down that corridor to rant and rave at his boss as he delivers his resignation request. Were not that formal in punk rock but if we were this is what it might sound like.

The B-side ‘What’s the Point of Andrew?’ is written by Paul Gray. How does his approach to songwriting differ to yours?
Captain:- I’ve no idea how other people write their tunes..everyone’s different.. I know he always comes up with the goods though – and this one’s a cracker. Talk about hit the nail on the head.. although it might have been nice to give the Duke of Pork a whack instead.

A Postcard From Britain came out in 2013. What have you been up to since then?

Captain :- I’ve never been a prolific writer.. being a lazy so and so I think it’s best to wait for inspiration to call.. which explains the 7 year gap..( how many albums could the Beatles have crammed in that period!) but in the meantime PG rejoined the Danned and we’ve gigged about a bit, which is always fun CAN WE HAVE GIGS BACK AGAIN PLEASE!!!
Martin – Recorded two albums with The Weird Things. An album and singles with Johnny Moped. Writing and recording with Maxine who’s adding piano and BV’s to the SGC album.. Also recording drums for the AKA the Syndicate… And plenty of gigs...!

A Postcard From Britain was a snapshot of modern life. Does the new album cover similar themes or have you taken a new direction?
Captain :- It’s sad that high streets around the world have been destroyed by online shopping but nobody’s forcing people to do it.. but what can you do. These are very strange times were living though –
I just count myself lucky to have been around to witness the 2nd half of the 20th century.. a fab time for music, culture, ideas.. and that without even mentioning Benny Hill and On The Buses. The new album coincides with all this virus malarky.. which, unpleasant as it is will undoubtedly be used by the powers that be to tighten the screws on us little people on behalf of their billionaire paymasters. Blah blah, etc.
There’s a bit of that hidden away in the album.

Where and when did you record the album?
Captain:- With Rich from King Kurt.. he’s got a studio in sunny Reigate (with a nice pub across the road) where we got together to see what material was on the go.. the answer was quite a lot of unfinished songs.. so the band spent the next few months on and off knocking diwn the best stuff (and a fair few pints of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord bitter) – and aiming at 10 – 12 tracks (ending up with 14). and there’s a fair bit of variety in there too. But the overriding criterion for inclusion had to be a strong, memorable melody. The Sensible Gray Whistle Test if you like.

This is the first album with Moped drummer Marty, what’s it like working with him?
Captain:- During last year’s tour Me and Paul agreed that Marty made the Mopeds sound fabulous.. so he was the obvious choice when it came to asking someone to join the band. He also sings.. which is good.. in fact the only thing to his detriment is his choice (as a South Londoner) of football team.

Which is best – punk, prog, or psych-pop?
Captain:- Yes.. all of those, mixed together in a steaming pot of wackiness and delivered with a English accent as exemplified by Syd Barrett and Ray Davies. I’m sure theres lots of wonderful modern pop music being made.. but if the piped garbage they play in supermarkets is anything to go by it won’t be joining classics like the Beach Boys and T Rex in my record collection. End of rant!

World Chat / Re: Rat Scabies solo album PHD
« on: June 09, 2020, 05:49:34 PM »
The Sinclairs "Dodgems" (Official Music Video):

World Chat / Re: The Waterboys
« on: June 05, 2020, 03:32:09 PM »
About a year ago I got a new album by The Waterboys, now they're already looking toward the next one!

The Waterboys return this summer with their 14th studio album GOOD LUCK, SEEKER. The first track to go live is the seven-minute mash-up manifesto MY WANDERINGS IN THE WEARY LAND. Comprising dramatic spoken-word delivery over wild genre-busting music, ‘My Wanderings In The Weary Land’ might just be the greatest rock’n’roll record ever made – and one that is darkly appropriate for our weird, wired times. Is it psychedelic soul? Is it trance? Is it punk? Is it poetry? Whatever it is, it’s the first taste of Good Luck, Seeker, which will be released on August 21 via Cooking Vinyl.


Pre-order GOOD LUCK, SEEKER at

Pre-order deluxe editions of GOOD LUCK, SEEKER with signed lyric sheets or artwork at

World Chat / Re: The TUTS Jukebox > What Are You Playing This Week?
« on: May 28, 2020, 08:40:16 AM »
LTW: As I’ve extolled on many occasions, you and the band excel in the live arena. One of the things I’m missing most during lockdown is live music, and the realisation that that isn’t going to change any time soon. What are you missing most during lockdown and what are you doing to get through it? I sense there may be a video coming soon? (Update – since this interview took place – said video has now landed – watch it further down the page)

Duncan Reid: Yes. I’m just waiting for Sophie to say she is OK with the video. We’ve made it ourselves shooting separately on iPhones. I think it’s pretty good. At first lockdown meant a relieving of pressure but now I’m missing everything. Pubs, sport, gigs you name it. Where I live it’s pretty quiet, but I went to Kinks territory, Muswell Hill, yesterday where there were loads of people on the street. It felt really weird and disconcerting. I think we’ll all have some mental barriers to get over as things go back to whatever is the new normal.

TV Live / Re: TV Gigs 2020
« on: May 23, 2020, 01:29:14 PM »
An acoustic tour? Where the hell did they get that idea from?!

Well they did it before (I think?)... now there was gonna be a "big band" (? maybe an orchestra?), I suppose it was difficult re-scheduling with all those musicians (possibly active in other projects).

TV Chat / Re: Vive Le Rockdown
« on: May 23, 2020, 01:26:26 PM »
Seriously, how is this going to work? Are they showing clips? These must only be approximate timings and I guess each act is only providing one song.

Seems a really tight schedule. If I can't have a look tonight, I will search for clips tomorrow...

TV Live / Re: TV Gigs 2020
« on: May 20, 2020, 04:13:40 PM »
Die Toten Hosen have cancelled their whole "Ohne Strom" Tour (which was re-scheduled for 2021).
(TV was supposed to play support for some shows in 2020, I guess this would've been still the plan for 2021.)

Die Musiker haben ihre "Alles ohne Strom"-Tournee komplett abgesagt. Inzwischen sei klar, dass ein Nachholen der Tournee 2021 an organisatorischen Gründen scheitere, teilte die Band am Mittwoch in Düsseldorf mit.
"Wir haben alle Optionen geprüft. Die Enttäuschung über diese Erkenntnis ist bei uns riesengroß", so die Band. Ursprünglich sollte die Tour in diesem Jahr stattfinden, dann war sie wegen der Corona-Pandemie auf 2021 verschoben worden.

World Chat / Re: Stranglers
« on: May 18, 2020, 04:55:49 PM »
Dave has made his final journey. His funeral took place today, the 18th May 2020, at 3.30pm near his Cambridgeshire home. It was a private ceremony, through both choice and, sadly, necessity due to Covid 19 restrictions. Those friends and family who were unable to attend in person were able to view the service on line. Baz was present to pay his own tribute and those from the rest of the band were read during the ceremony, as they were unable to attend. The choice of music for the ceremony reflected Dave's life and his 35 year marriage to Pam. Sadly, on Sunday, some details were posted online giving the starting point of the funeral cortege and Pam has asked us to pass on her thanks to those who respected the privacy request and stayed away. Pam has also asked us to pass on her thanks for the numerous messages of condolence that she has received and for the generous donations to the chosen charities. If you would like to, please take time out to listen to The Stranglers' 1979 classic Ice

which features a classic Dave keyboard line and also had a deep personal meaning to Dave and Pam. Fond adieu, fly straight Dave xxx

World Chat / Re: Rat Scabies solo album PHD
« on: May 17, 2020, 10:14:20 AM »
What are you up to today?
To be quite honest, fuck all and I’m quite happy about that. (Laughs)

Strange times, eh?
Yeah it is – very. It’s terrible with all of the sickness and death and sadness. But, on the other side of the coin, I really like the silence of not having sirens and airplanes constantly flying by. The birds are singing and it’s pretty cool. If the pubs were open, it would almost be the perfect existence.

That’s a pretty positive attitude.
Yeah, you have to be these days. Life is pretty good.

Congratulations on the release of your first Sinclairs record. My first question is why an instrumental album?

I’ve always known Billy as one of the most prolific lyricists – I don’t know if you’re familiar with this band or not. The words he spouts out are quite incredible. He told me one day, “I really want to make an instrumental album…just once, just to get away from words.” He’s a Damned fan and he had some ideas about doing some things with the guitar, so we went in the studio for a few days and put it down. It was a bit strange – it was just two blokes who can play a bit. (Laughs) So we left it for a few months and then he turned up at my house with a set of keyboard bass pedals and this 30-quid synthesizer – a little, pathetic thing. I messed around with the synth and it was really cool and all a bit random. Because of this out-of-tuneness and this lack of musical ability that I’ve got, it made everything sound a bit weird and a bit odd. But when we heard it, we both kind of went, “Ah, that’s better.” (Laughs) It was more of an emotional response than a musical one.

Is it true that the song “The Sewers of Carcasonne” is about you searching for the Holy Grail in France?

Yeah, it is. I was sort of brought up with the Grail stories by my parents who were researchers and into that whole thing. And a few years ago, I did a book with my neighbour about the whole Grail thing and the Templars. I got into some really interesting places like Knights Templar initiation ceremonies…some secret society stuff. We’d creep around cemeteries late at night and so the whole thing was kind of fun. But the titles of the songs appeared after the music did – it was quite strange. When you listen to that song, you can really imagine this medieval sewer as you go down there, looking for something that has been lost.

World Chat / Re: Obituaries
« on: May 17, 2020, 10:03:53 AM »
I'm very sorry to hear this as they were always a band I wanted to see, but never actually managed to catch them.

Same here. They played the Club Bastion in Kirchheim (not far from here) in recent years but I couldn't make it.

How did my beloved SCC Berlin get on please Uli?

I have no idea. Did they play at all?  :-\

World Chat / Re: Obituaries
« on: May 16, 2020, 09:26:43 AM »
R.I.P. Phil May
It is with very deep sadness that the management of the Pretty Things have to announce the death of the band’s lead singer, Phil May.

Phil May passed away at 7.05am on Friday 15 May at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. He was 75. He had been locked down in Norfolk with his family and, during the week, Phil had suffered a fall from his bike and had undergone emergency hip surgery, after which complications set in.

World Chat / Re: Neil Young
« on: May 15, 2020, 03:55:54 PM »
Neil Young’s Homegrown, one of the great "Holy Grails" of his unreleased catalogue, will finally see the light of day some 46 years after its recording.

The twelve-track studio set will be released June 19 on all formats, via Reprise Records, the Warner Music Group label and Young announced Friday.

In a letter posted to the Neil Young Archives, the legendary Canadian rocker admits Homegrown was the one that got away for far too long.

“I apologize,” he writes. “This album Homegrown should have been there for you a couple of years after Harvest. It’s the sad side of a love affair. The damage done. The heartache. I just couldn’t listen to it. I wanted to move on. So I kept it to myself, hidden away in the vault, on the shelf, in the back of my mind….but I should have shared it.

The album, he concedes, is “actually beautiful. That’s why I made it in the first place. Sometimes life hurts. You know what I mean. This is the one that got away.”

Recorded in analog in 1974 and early 1975, Homegrown was shelved in favor of the 1973-recorded Tonight’s The Night. In Young’s own words, it’s the unheard bridge between Harvest and Comes A Time.

Some of its songs turned up as different mixes on other releases, such as “Star of Bethlehem” (on 1977’s American Stars ‘n Bars), “Little Wing” and “This Old Homestead” (on 1980’s Hawks & Doves), and “White Line” (on 1990’s Ragged Glory).

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