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Nice one Slaughterboy - nice to meet you, albeit briefly,hope to see you at another gig soon!
The setlist spot on from memory - although one other important note - the birth of 'Heggarty and Smith' the new comedy duo, when Teevs string snapped - the comedy routine was hilarious...

Thanks Fleagle - will drag me sorry backside along to another one sometime soon.

As for the comedy: Yes!  :D

TV's funny most of the time anyway, but someone is going to have to either teach him how to say 'chronologically' properly, or he's gonna have to substitute it with 'time-line' or something similar. Every time he said 'Chronolo...chron...chrolonon...', I kept thinking '...Kronenberg...'. As, I think, did TV...because he kept looking sideways at his pint each time he said it, or would take a gulp from it!

The banter between the pair of them was great. When TV's string broke, he said something like '...I like it when there's two of us and I break a string, 'cos normally I have to keep talking and trying to entertain whilst replacing it, but now I get the chance to be silent and the other bloke gets to make a fool of himself by talking to the audience.... Or something along those lines. Leigh was really good at keeping it all going, too.

Hope you enjoy Killing Joke tonight. I've heard some recent stuff on 6Radio in the last few weeks and it sounds as good as the old stuff. I'd go meself, but I've been out nearly every night this week and there's a limit to what I can get away with.

Mrs.S raised a very dubious eyebrow when I was leaving last night and I, erm, like my balls where they are...

Had a great night tonight /what is now last night.

Missed Mav Picken but am pleased that I got to see Dave Sharp. Far better than I'd hoped and a really good voice.

Hadn't seen the TV/Leigh combo before (the only time I've seen him accompanied was at The Metro on Oxford St a few years ago) but it worked very well. Leigh's pretty damn good and knows when to attack and when to  lurk, if you get my drift :)

Set roughly as follows (for those it is important to):

No time to be 21
Tomahawk cruise
Break up the party
The Suit
1 of our missiles...
Lord's prayer
News hound
3rd term
Luxury in exile
Gather yr things
Borderline...? (went for Guinness break)
Lion & Lamb (storming version imo)
R.way train
Walk t plank
For every hit...
Perhaps the good times...
In the arms...
Man down in Martino
One chord wonders
Bored teenagers

I'm going to bed  ;)

I reckon I'll be there, provided Mrs.S lets me out to play.

Have to do homework, make bed, do washing-up, etc.

Either that or fix leak in roof.

Or sneak out when she falls asleep watching Corrie or some similar shite.

Slaughterboy out

TV Live / Re: Fri 01 Oct 10 LONDON - Montague Arms.
« on: October 02, 2010, 06:09:58 PM »

Yes Tom is ..
I was the 'well rounded' chap wearing a stagefrite Tshirt and sat at TV's merch stall table for 1/2 the set - before going to the loo (as advertised by Mr Smith .thanks Tim :)) then stood at front singing my heart out - ha ha
seen the phobics a few times - remember going to that little gig on the estate a few years back

Ah. Can't say I definitely saw you, as I was standing at that narrow bit where the bar ends and the gig-area starts. I was going to say that I was the bloke in the jeans, black coat and the black t-shirt but, as this also applied to about 90% of the audience, I realise it would mean nothing. The t-shirt was a St.Pauli 'Turbojugend' jobbie...which probably won't help, either  ::)

...seen the phobics a few times - remember going to that little gig on the estate a few years back...

Was that the one where they pulled the plug on TV about 10-15 mins into his set 'cos they ran out of time?! He was bloody furious (and quite rightly so) in the pub afterwards. I was embarrassed, even though it was nothing to do with me, but just because my old estate had cocked-up and I so wanted Tim to enjoy it there as he'd busted a bollock to get back from somewhere in Europe specially to do the gig...I think I've got a DVD of that truncated set somewhere. Actually, I know I have. Haven't played it recently, though. Think I'll dig it out and give it a watch again, sometime.

I'll try and get Tom to go to the Croydon gig.

Maybe I can throw off my cloak of anonimity there!

Slaughterboy  :)

TV Live / Re: Fri 01 Oct 10 LONDON - Montague Arms.
« on: October 02, 2010, 02:50:53 PM »
Nice words Slaughterboy.. that woman did mean well - just a bit mad!!
TV was on top form - Mrs F has the setlist so I am sure she will post it later - the pub is absolutely awesome - will be going back there definately. Nice to see Tom,Dave,Gaye,Lee there and I really hope we get some down to Croydon on the 15th- TV playing with Leigh Heggarty is always awesome, and with Dave Sharp from the Alarm on the bill and the talented Mav Picken - should be a good un
(not that I may be trying to promote it in any way of course  ;D ;))


Thanks  :)

You're right about the Mohawk woman. Tim said that she apologised and said she was having 'a bit of a laugh', although he reckoned she was off her trolley! ::)

...Nice to see Tom,Dave,Gaye,Lee...

Is 'Tom' the lead singer of The Phobics?

If so, we've probably met. I've known that Tom the best part of 20 years now (he used to be my neighbour in Deptford) and we must've attended hundreds of the same gigs.

TV Live / Re: Fri 01 Oct 10 LONDON - Montague Arms.
« on: October 02, 2010, 12:58:20 AM »
Just back. A bit early as work dictates an early start.

Fairly decent sized crowd as this was a benefit gig rather than a TV one, so the punters took a little while to warm up.

TV on form right from the off as usual and got good appreciation straight away.

I spotted a red Mowhawk-bedecked woman pushing her way to the front halfway through the set and recognised her from plenty of other gigs. I've seen her turn up with her leather jacketed dog at some of them and, although she can be a bit of a pain in the arse at times, I think she means well. Anyway...Tim starts going into his regular spiel about the environmental changes and climate problems when Ms. Mowhawk shouts out:


Tim looked genuinely taken aback.

"...Who?...Me??..." he said, stunned.

It was a bit of an awkward moment to be honest. But he talked himself back on-track very quickly:

"...Look..." he said "...I've come here to do a benefit gig...and you're calling me a hippy?'re the one with the long hair!..."   

Which was a pretty decent get-out line, I thought   :)

Still a good gig. Support were rather lame though, imo.

Set list was pretty similar to previous night, but with no encore sadly.

Had good chats to both Tim and Gaye, lovely people that they are.

Gonna try and make Croydon gig :)

TV Live / Re: Fri 01 Oct 10 LONDON - Montague Arms.
« on: September 30, 2010, 03:10:00 PM »
How convivial, I can pop into a gig on my way home from work  8)

The Montague Arms looks like an intereting sort of place too 8)

Mrs Fleagle  ::)

It is. Not only has it hosted shed-loads of gigs over the years, but it has a great stage and accoustics and a soundman who really knows his stuff.

I think I've persuaded a few of the regular Deptford/New Cross mob to come along, which'll be good. Nice ladies and gents, so they are.

Looking forward to it.

TV Live / Re: 2010 Gigs
« on: August 29, 2010, 01:55:50 PM »
I see a gig on the horizon that, if not exactly right up my street, is only an alley or three away from Chez Slaughterboy: Fri 1st Oct at The Montague in New Cross.

Two gigs in N.Cross in two months?  ???

I reckon the new East London Line extention thingy probably makes Tim's commute from the Far West a lot easier to these parts nowadays and may well be the reason why there is a sudden jump in the frequency of TV gigs in the area. Must ask!

Anyways, will see how many of my usual crew of ugly mates can attend. It's normally down to them arranging baby-sitters rather than anything else nowadays but, accidents permitting, I'm deffo for it. Might even bring Mrs. Slaughterboy along for the ride if she can be are warned!!

I used to be on The Fall site, but removed meself about four years ago as I got fed-up with the nonsense that went on. Niggling arguments used to break out and the Moderators just used to come down on the side of their favourites, sometimes against all common sense. After seeing that happen one time too many, I bailed. The Mods there were and still are, I'm told, shite.

One thread triumphantly boasted that of all the members of the original '76-'77 'Punk' bands, only Mark.E.Smith had not 'sold out'.When I pointed out that there was another bloke, also called Smith (I posted a particularly good pic of TV with the piece), who most certainly hadn't, interest in the subject rapidly dropped.

Don't get me wrong - there are people on that site who I'm sure actually only log on to have a go about MES, and some of the slatings he and his band get are deserved. It's just far too self-congratulatory, sycophantic, cliquey and unbearably smug for my liking.

As for the band, they're on a pretty good run of decent quality gigs without too much nonsense from MES (like the Oldham gig that GJ refers to above) and the new LP is still high up on my play-list.

TV Live / Re: TV SMITH plays FREE gig in London - Tuesday 3rd August
« on: August 04, 2010, 12:41:09 PM »
Gig was great. Didn't bother with Monkish as have seen and not liked them before. Audience about 150+, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. One was especially knowledgeable in the 'Nicking A Pint Of Guinness' department but wasn't so hot in the 'Getting Away With It' one. Gave him a flea in his ear rather than the clip around it that my mate wanted to give him. Had quick chats with Tim and Gaye beforehand, both their warm and friendly usual selves. I've known singer/guitarists to throw their plectrum into the audience at the end of a gig before, but Tim decided to throw it in halfway through the first song, which sort of truncated it a bit! Spizz was there along with many other grizzled vets and there was plenty of chat about old times outside on the pavement. TV gave the gig his signature 100% effort and passion and you can't ask for much more than that. can, actually. I queued up afterwards to buy a copy of Tim's 2nd book of touring, only for Gaye's sister to buy the last copy. For the first (and hopefully the last) time in my life I am disappointed to report that 'TV Has Sold Out'! At least he's gonna post a copy to me  ;)

Slaughterboy out.

Rather looking forward to this coming Sunday and Monday.

There both nights.

Normally get to see them when they're on tour. Might get arse in gear for this one, poss. Brighton, Aldershot and Shepherds Bush Emp.

New album, out tomorrow, sounds pretty good to me.

Hi - and welcome to the forum.

Nothing wrong with Millwall matey!

You'd assume babies were on the snackbar menu at The Den if the wunnerful English Press were to be if anyone does!

Thanks for the welcome - I'll take a better look around when I get home from work  :)

Try this game if you think you know your football and a bit of geography:

Scored 115,271.

Dunno how they quantify it? ???

Hazard a guess that I'm the only Millwall supporter here.

It is very true that no-one likes us, almost as much as the fact that 'we don't care'.

Anyways, that's me first post over and done with.

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