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Hi Klaus,

As you know, I had my reservations about changing the forum - I liked the simplicity ot the previous one and also how you could see all the topics at a glance.

I have to say the early signs are that you have made a VERY WISE CHOICE - well done mate.

Another, even better, choice - no more crap about S___E H_____Y!

Cheers and best wishes,


P.S. - You MUST be an honourary member of the TUTS!

Hi Fred,

Just been begging for positive postings in the main forum.
Afterwards I looked through the other categories and found your posting.
I must admit, I got a little bit nervous, when people started to bemoan the passing of the old forum.
So your post is really making me happy! Thanks.
I took your reservations during the tesing phase very seriously and I really didn't know for quite some time, if I should do replace the old forum.
So it's good to hear this from you, my friend.

All The Best

Hi Klaus,

Glad I could reassure you!

The thing that interests me is this - why are people unhappy about the new forum when there was such a large majority for change? We tested the one's you ran by us and this was clearly the best. It seems to be working very well and the categories seem to be useful.

I can't see the old one making a come-back now.

Cheers, Fred.

Hi Fred,

you are right, that's a good question.
Where are all those who voted 'Yes'?
Maybe the question was misunderstood by a lot.
TJ also thought he voted for something different.


Hi Klaus , AGAIN & AGAIN  :!:  :!:  :!:

As you know I did'nt vote for anything,just went with the flow and as you can see from the incessent rantings I've been posting I LOVE it.

The old forum was chaotic and less personal. This forum combines the usefulness of a message board with the personality of a chatroom and I feel much more comfortable with it. :D

Must admit though I'm just trying to stay a bit ahead of TJ. Boy ! when he gets going the posts just flood out !!

Hey Ho Let's GO!  8)


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