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1000th Post
« on: May 05, 2002, 04:29:12 PM »
Hi Klaus congratulations your site has now hit 1000 posts in such a short timescale - updated stats please :D

Congratulations to JS on posting the 1000th post - nice one  :D

Having knocked the talley up from 984 to 998, I was all set to post the following two new topics:

999 - To catch Alan's attention and ask mim if he was still going to Southwick (and who is is travelling down with) and if he was going to London.

1000 - To say congratulations to Klaus on his site reaching 1000 posts in such a short timescale.

And then I got called by the missus to go to a garden centre 8O  :o  :lol:

Oh well at least I got the pond cleared out on Friday (yes PK, TV and Steve the Fish I've got one as well!) :?

Off to see The Resistance now (Alarm / Spear Of Destiny / Mighty Wah!) :D


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