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wreckless eric gig!


mike g:
hi there, just in case there are fans here:

mmm…nice No 6
Wreckless Eric
+ Tim Briffa
(My Drug Hell)
Wednesday 15th May
12 Bar Club, Denmark St, London WC2
tickets 6 (5 adv/flyer) Doors 7.30
ticketline 020 7209 7209  or  www.12barclub.com
Wreckless Eric: a true legend of the punk era and beyond. One of the original artists signed to the pioneering STIFF Records, Eric’s shambolic image belies a great song writing talent. His song ‘Whole Wide World’ has recently featured in the Anna Friel movie ‘Me Without You’……. as well as being covered by Lightning Seeds and the Monkees! He’s even had a song (‘Broken Doll’) covered by Cliff Richard! On stage Eric is both charming and outrageous as he performs both old and new material for your delectation. This offers a rare chance to see one of England’s genuine eccentric heroes performing in an intimate Central London surrounding. Don’t Miss.
Tim Briffa: the frontman of MY DRUG HELL will play a rare solo acopustic set to get the evening rolling. MY DRUG HELL have a long list of perfectly crafted pop singles to their name, TIM BRIFFA is the creative force behind the band who have earned many a rave review.
Tim Briffa sketches his dioramas of life's highs and lows amid the bedsits and tower blocks of the capital SELECT
Singer Tim Briffa is either Syd Barrett or Jason Spiritualised-or both! RECORD COLLECTOR
Info: mmm promotions: 020 8540 6463   or info@metropolitanmusic.com

Ok Mike G,

Think I filled in all the blanks in your post so it made sense  :roll:
Really must check your message's after you post them  :twisted:

I saw TV play at the 12 Bar  :twisted: If i remember right this has got to be about the smallest club I've even been in,just enough room to swing a cat,literally  :(
I mean I could have stood up and pushed TV over I was that close  :!:  :!:
TJ,I bet you've been there mate. :lol:

Sounds like your a P.R. man for Eric's record company with all the blurb but thanks for the info as I might try to get down to this one.

Hey TJ,klaus here's another example of how dynamic this forum is becoming if people are starting to use it to advertise other artists  :twisted: You might have to put up another section just to carry gig adverts for other Punk & related Bands,Ha Ha  :twisted:

HOBGOBLIN  :twisted:

I was lucky enough to see "The Artist Formally Known as Wreckless Eric" in Hull the other year and he is quite excellent - if you are about and recommend you and your cat go along!


I saw him supporting Ian Dury at Southend-on-Sea about three years ago and he was on good form!


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