Author Topic: 44 Caliber: Sound Of England's Great Kicking Back In Style!  (Read 1844 times)

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Here are the awesome 44 Caliber Bullets...

The Adverets never enjoyed the commercial success of the Pistols and The Clash despite writing tunes of similar - and in some cases, better - quality

The last couple of years for the profile to rise

Some thank Amen frontman Casey Chaos for talking up The Adverts in interviews and occasionally making space during his own band's gigs for Adverts frontman TV Smith

The time is right for one of punk rock's most introspective, under-rated bands to be thrust into the spotlight in a way they never were all those years ago

This new album from their talented frontman is perfectly timed.

More importantly, its brilliant!

'Good Times Is Back' is fierce, full of political vitriol and in possession of massive hooks!

'Bring The Bull Down' has a more pertinent groove but is no less belting!

'Not In My Name' is as stubbornly defiant as it sounds

'Second Class Citizens' is pure Adverts, all clever melodies tacked to huge chords

...and so on without a single dip in quality

Highlights come in the form of 'Right Hands Rise' (ever wondered where Rancid got their sound?)

'Ghost Of Westminster' (crashing, bile-laced balladry, anyone?)

But its hard to choose the best bits of wheat when there's absolutely no chaff!

Truly, this is like getting your hands on the third Adverts album that some of us pined for!

Moreover, this is the sound of England's great, forgotten songwriter kicking back in style.


...Too fucking right!

If this 44 Caliber review doesn't see TV shooting up the billing at WASTED nothing will! :twisted:

Read on...


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