Author Topic: TV TUTS INTERVIEW: TV Smith Rides Sonic Waves in Spain by Jonathan 'BBQ' Vidal  (Read 17453 times)

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I loved reading Jonathan's great interview with TV again.

I think the record has some of my strongest ever songs on it.

TV Smith on Not A Bad Day

I totally agree with Teev that Not A Bad Day was defiantely one of TV's many purple patches when it comes to songwriting. :D

...The spirit epic Swimming in the Flood, the legend that became EARTHBOUND, the pure beauty of As Soon as I Found It I Lost It, the versatile classic called The Future used to be Better, the energy power of Like A Rocket and of course the magic of Not A Bad Day (this version is up there production wise witd Lion and the Lamb on March Of The Giants and In the Arms of My Enemy on TV's latest masterpiece). To take but six. :D 

Songwriting at it's finest. :-* 8)
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Another great interview. :)