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No updates, so I hope no news is good news!

Some good news at last:

Friends, Romans & Undeadpersons…..Lend me your ears for I hath need of them……

Hello!!! I’m a Zombie!!!  I’ve come back from the dead to make a racket and shout my head off!!
It has been quite a year for me personally, and I’m sure you…each in our different ways.
Last December kicked of with a heart attack….this proved to be my saving really. Whilst undergoing all the various tests, it turned out that my aortic valve in my heart was malfunctioning and was degenerative. If the heart attacks had not turned up, I would simply have keeled over and goodnight KB at some point in the next 3 years.
The day before my birthday, August 3rd, I was persuaded with a kind womans words: ‘When’s the right time to go to the hospital? After you’re dead?’.
She probably should have added ‘you muppet!!!!’
Finally, I gave up the very English way of doing things by ignoring events and telling myself I can hack it etc…’I’m not dead, so I must be alive’ type rhetoric, and allowed myself to be transported to the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton. As is normal in cases like this, I was admitted straight away for observation.
Wherein, they have an excellent Cardiac Unit and world class surgeons, fortunately. Things progressed while inside and various indicators said that an operation was most probably imminent. Suddenly the afternoon before, I was told they were indeed going to operate. They would come and collect me at 8 in the morning.
In the event, I didn’t have too much time to dwell upon the being sawn open and the heart stopped…. I was extremely lucky all round, I had the very brilliant and skilled surgeon Mr. Jonathon Hyde operate on me and he replaced my main heart valve, the aortic valve. I now have a pig-skin valve in situ in my chest. 
The tremendous care the hospital staff gave me was unbelievable. They genuinely do care about all their patients. They make no differentiation.
I left the hospital pretty sore and weak. This was to be expected. And I am now well on the road to recovery. It is proving harder than I imagined it would be, and I have to say, I thought it would be pretty hard anyway. But it is inch by inch, day by day, the road to wellville.

I have to hereby thank all those many hundreds of well-wishers on the various sites and all the personal messages sent to me. Thankyou. They did in fact cheer me up greatly. No understatement here.
So, I now look forward to returning to live music!.... Something it is very hard to live without….the roar of the guitars and the crashing of drums…. I think it’s called excitement!

I’ve given the go ahead to Liam and Mark to organise WESTWORLD 9…it’s unbelievable really, this will be the 9th year. This years Saturday night will be completely…. ‘WORLD SERVICE’! An album that needs little introduction.
It is an album of intense varying music…from ‘HARLAN COUNTY’ to ‘MICKEY’.
The Friday night I am hoping will be new music…music I am currently writing now….it somehow has reverted to simple themes again. I have quite a bit of music/themes and one title so far, ‘KALASHNIKOV’……The end results of, I won’t know till I get in a rehearsal dungeon with Craig and Ade and bash it out in that wonderful world of volume, which I mistakenly love so much!

Also, I have had my old 1961/2 Fender Tremolux head renovated and will be putting my 1961 6120 back together shortly. This is the guitar & amp I played with throughout the 80s and early 90s. I have rarely taken it out of its case these last 13 years, and as I sat there looking at it, it became a bit emotional. Two battered items staring at each other, but perhaps still serviceable, after all this time.

My surgeon Mr. Hyde said on the day he signed me off…’You can go now, and do whatever it is you want to do’ ….. I’ll take his advice. Thankyou Mr. Hyde.
See you Soon!!!!

Much Love & lets all avoid the Afterlife for now.

Kirk Brandon

Communication Ends


Great news .. Kirk is back on the go after his long illness, superb .
cheers for posting this Fred  8) 8)

It's strange, but we were just saying at the PiL gig that we hadn't heard anything about Kirk as we saw his regular roadie, Vince, helping out PiL. I tried to ask after Kirk, but he couldn't hear me - then this turns up!

We also saw that Tony Barber (ex-Buzzcocks) was again bass roadie (having done this for Glen at the Pistols), only now he looks like a refugee from Dexy's Midnight Runners from the "Come on Eileen" period!

Tony Barber bass Roadie eh ...  he gets around doesnt he ...is he still with Chelsea?

im glad Kirk is bouncing back to full health, he's lucky to be alive , some folks dont get a second chance
eh ..a lady i know just died froma  heart attack after getting cancer surgery ... she had taken a heart
attack but the nurses didnt know until it was too late , she was brain dead by the time they found her .

Kirks condition was caught just in time ...long may he continue .


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