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Kirk Brandon

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Kirk must be the second most viewed act after TV for me.

Let's hope we get the chance to hear them live again soon!

No "offical" updates yet, but several discussion groups on line are reporting that he had to have a heart valve replaced.

Get well soon Kirk!

Official Update Today:

Monday, September 07, 2009 
 KB - on the mend !

Hello Everybody

I wanted to share an update with you all.

Kirk is now resting by the sea after leaving hospital.

He is in good spirits and our conversations always seem to end up discussing the return to the live arena, which, with all things considered is amazing.

Itís been a hell of month for KB, his family and friends and of course all of you. The emails, telephone calls, letters and cards we have received have been a real tonic for Kirk, thank you all so very much.

The path to full recovery for Kirk is going to be a long one, but hopefully, with a ton of rest and a mass of yet more brilliant care from all his Doctors and Nurses, this will be in the not too distant future.


That's good news. :)

hows kirk doing now ??


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