Author Topic: What you need is something... CHEAP!  (Read 3657 times)

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Re: What you need is something... CHEAP!
« Reply #15 on: January 16, 2017, 11:01:25 AM »
Captain shared this article by Martin Newell on his Facebook page:

I had a good laugh re-reading this Colchester Echo article by my occasional songwriting partner Martin ‘The Alien’ Newell…
Pigalle, Paris April 1990
“T.V. Smith's band, Cheap, are on stage and giving it some helmet. They're pounding through a song called Third Term, a perfectly good bit of punk ramalama, which TV has written because of his despair at Mrs Thatcher being re-elected It's the last number of the night. The French support band and their liggers have already been backstage and polished off most our rider – this is the food and beer which the club supplies for starving English rockers. Most nights of our residency, all that's left for us when we get offstage, usually, are broken French baguettes, Laughing Cow cheese and loads of bananas, which for some reason, the hangers-on don't like. The dressing room is like all rock dressing rooms and is covered in graffiti, much of it scrawled by other English rock bands.
Captain Sensible has found a good use for the unwanted bananas. Every night, after he's played his set, he stands in the wings breaking them up and flinging the pieces at the audience, Smith's band and me. I'm standing in the wings on the other side of the stage and as the banana fragments whizz through the air, they are momentarily illuminated in the stage lights. When the audience start throwing things back, the air is thick with the flying fruit, which ,when it's lit-up, resembles tracer bullets. I'm on my side of the stage, shirtless, with my black cycling trousers on, picking banana out of my hair. The audience, meanwhile is heaving and jumping at the front of the stage, Captain Sensible's making even more mess and laughing about it all, and poor old Cheap have got to finish their set in this mayhem.”
(This is only the "Cheap" part, read more at the link above)
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