Author Topic: The Famous Rikki Flag Runaway Train Conga  (Read 1028 times)

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The Famous Rikki Flag Runaway Train Conga
« on: March 01, 2010, 10:24:54 AM »
This post has got covered up in the big 2010 Gigs theme and I felt it was worth a special mention.

Nice one Rikki! 8) 

Does a conga happen in other places now ? i'd be so chuffed.

Rikki Flag

Yep! And we know who started it all way back when at a certain beer festival in Ipswich.   

Here's the most famous one at EARTHBOUND 3 in Elland back in 2004...

Go C5 go!!!


Wahey - that's excellent !!!

Rikki Flag

6 years! :o What a great night that was! :D


One of the best nights of my life. 8)
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