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TV and Tj Tour October 2001
« on: April 05, 2010, 01:21:57 PM »
I've just been reading through my TV Smith Archives before I file away all my research into the loft for a well deserved rest so that I can focus on my new business.

It was great reading the gigs reviews from the tour I did with TV back in 2001.

It's amazing that within a 9 day period between Cambridge on the 18th October and Lincoln on the 26th October that I met Alan (Cambridge), Lee & Ste (Sheffield), C5 (Leeds) and Fred (Lincoln) for the first time.

It was a new day dawning for what would become known as the TUTS. :D

18.10.01 Portland Arms in Cambridge

23.10.01 Boardwalk in Sheffield (The seranaded toilet woman)

24.10.01 New Roscoe in Leeds (Smit and Henry dance whilst c5 watches on)

25.10.01 The Sportsman in Long Eaton (TV takes to the table!)

26.10;01 The Bivouac in Lincoln (Fred joins Alan in the soon to be TUTS)

TV tunes up at Sunrise House

TV signs mine and Mart's treasured TV and Tj Tour 2001 posters after Mart's first gig

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