Author Topic: The Roses of Eyam and How Britain’s ‘plague village’ is coming together today  (Read 612 times)

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You might remember this brilliant 1973 play about how the villagers of Eyam in Derbyshire quarantined themselves to prevent the spread of the plague:

I was nine when I saw it and found in very memorable. I've been to Eyam several times since then because of it and always find it a remarkably moving experience. If you've never seen it, you now have lots of time to put that right! You'll see lots of familiar faces from the 60's/70's - including Mike "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)" Pratt. Incidentally, did you know that he started out as a musician and songwriter and co-wrote lots of songs with the likes of Lionel Bart and Tommy Steele including "Handful of Songs" and even "Little White Bull"?!

How Eyam is coping today:
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