Author Topic: punk banned cos of queen mum !!!!  (Read 2748 times)

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punk banned cos of queen mum !!!!
« on: April 02, 2002, 05:19:55 PM »
Whats goin on  :?:  Punk Banned cos of the queen mum dying !! :(
ive heard it all now  :evil:
I sat waitin on T V Smith to appear on the Tom Robinson show , i was late
to join the show ( 8.30pm ) and thought the worst when there was no
mention of T V Smith on the show , only to learn that Punk had been banned cos of the death of the queen mum  :evil: aaarrghhhhhhhh  :!:

In one way its good to know that punk rock can still annoy the living shit of the powers that be  :wink:  BUT its annoying even more to have your
favourite music BANNED from a radio station cos of the death of someone
who has never done anything in her life to help any of us mortals .

I hope T Vs appearance is going ahead soon on the Tom robinson show ,
and i hope the queen mum gets buried soon so we can all get back to normality .
By the way , does this mean the Sex Pistols release will get banned too ??
it would be the excuse they need to ban that as well.

Bloody hell !


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Great, Britain!
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2002, 08:02:23 AM »
I've always loved the U.K. and now I know why!!! :lol:

Well, what I like about England surely isn't the monarchy.

Dunno if the Queen mum can do anything for mortals though, as obviously she was mortal herself...