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Goodbye Alan. You will be missed.

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steve the fish:
Blimey I was drinking coffee with Alan on the pier at Blackpool discussing our itinerary for the day for this years Rebellion festival, just like I've done at every Rebellion festival,in fact even before it was called Rebellion, that was only in August .Full of life , laughter as always . Then a beer or two as we dashed from  stage to stage, he was one of the nicest , genuine people I've ever mate .. 

So sad. Lovely man, met him at a TV gig with Fred and discovered that we had been at the same gigs in Great Yarmouth, Damned, Stranglers, The Jam many decades ago. Always a pleasure to meet up with, full of enthusiasm and kindness

so sad...  :(

Can't add much to the above other than to add what we all knew about Alan: always enthusiastic about music, always unexpectedly turning up at gigs miles away from home, always a great sense of humour.

Will be sorely missed.

I have asked Fred to let me know about the funeral date.

As long as it is not 11-13 Nov, I will do my upmost to get to it and represent us Tuts.


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