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Announcement: It is with regret that all remaining dates of The Alarm German Tour 2018 have been called off due to the sudden and unexpected ill health of singer Mike Peters.
Dates will be rescheduled and more information for existing ticket holders will be released through the venue and promoter communication systems in due course.
Mike began feeling unwell on the morning of the Hamburg show although was strong enough to be able to complete the performance in the Sold Out Venue.
During the soundcheck at the Music Hall in Worpswede, it became clear that Mike would not be able to work his way through a full set. Rather than cancel at such a late stage, Mike agreed to perform a ‘storytellers’ concert so that the many fans (some of whom had travelled from Denmark and further afield), would not go home empty handed.
By today, it was hoped that Mike would make a recovery, but sadly his condition deteriorated further and so this morning was admitted into hospital in Germany where doctors have advised that the tour be cancelled so that Mike can travel back to the U.K. in order to receive medication and time to recover properly.
Once again we can only apologise for this turn of events and hope that no one has been truly inconvenienced. The decision to cancel was not taken lightly and ultimately driven by medical advice.
Thank You for your understanding and please stay tuned for information in regard to rescheduled dates.

So MBE...  Over to you Fred.

Gastritis may be over, but Fred will probably still throw up...  :P



Not very punk rock to accept a gong - even Paul Weller refused one.

That was mild Fred..


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