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Come on, let's list the "best of" or "worst of" from the year here!

I'm still working on mine, but will post later...

I'll start.

Best T.V. Gig.   Mmm..  Aachen!, no Stuttgart!, no Frankfurt!, no Frome!..  sod it they were all good.

Best T.V. Venue then..  Highwayman..  or Stuttgart or Frome...

Best Beer (so far)  Wookey (Frome)..  but still testing this category.

Heaviest session after a TV Gig..   Highwayman...  I blame Atilla and that lovely ale .

Quite a few good albums this year:

TV's "Land Of The Overdose"
Calexico - "The Thread That Keeps Us"
Alejandro Escovedo & Don Antonio - "The Crossing"
Rat Scabies - "P.H.D."
The Franklys - "Are you listening?"
The Damned - "Evil Spirits"
Dirtmusic - "Bu Bir Ruya"

TV in Balingen & Metzingen / TV & BT in Stuttgart
The Damned (Frankfurt)
The Franklys (Obermarchtal & Stuttgart)
Calexico (Ulm)
The Mis-Made (Stuttgart)
Justin Sullivan (Ulm)
Dirtmusic (Geislingen)

Best beer: too many, I can't remember...  :-[

I might add some more, if anything comes to mind.


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