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This article is written by unknown and was published in New Musical Express on 29th November, 1994.

TV SMITH: We Want The Road (Humbug)

In a previous incarnation, TV Smith was a member of new wave poseurs The Adverts, a fairly irritating bunch who, nevertheless, scored a hit with the likable post-punk toe-tapper 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes'. Listening to We Want The Road', one would have to suspect that a fair amount of Woodbines, Joan Baez albums and watching Newsnight whilst stoned has gone on chez TV since then.
It is a drab, croaky, terminally sentimental tribute to the travelling communities. TV obviously sees himself as a noble Bob Dylan character, embarrassing governments with his searing protest ditties. In reality, all this gabbling on about roads, open fields, "cutting off ties" and "shrugging off loads" just makes him sound like Joe Cocker trying to sell a motorhome on the QVC home-shopping channel.