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This article is written by unknown and was published in Sounds on 10th November, 1990.


CHEAP: BETTER than 90 per cent of this year's singles

CHEAP 'Third Term' (Deltic) Re-released as a 12-inch, with the added bonus of a stunning acoustic version of 'The Newshound' (an acute portrayal of the scum that litter the daily tabloids) -and rightly so, because quite frankly this puts 90 per cent of singles released this year into the shade and kicks them in the teeth to boot.
Ex-Adverts frontman TV Smith is by far the most distinguished and compelling lyricist still at work and 'Third Term' is the best song written about the state of our wonderful country since The Newtown Neurotics' early '80s classic, 'Kick Out The Tories'. A growling guitar and a thumping chorus succinctly condense eleven years of Thatcherism into three power-packed minutes of pent up frustrations and naked emotion. It bleeds compassion with TV imploring, "Don't be poor, don't be young/Don't be old, don't Be Sick/We wanted something better than this". Come the glorious Labour victory, 'Third Term' should be played at full volume outside Downing Street with special emphasis on the lines "I want someone who will not waste my vote, I want someone who will give me hope".
   The fightback starts here.