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This article is written by unknown and was published in Sounds on 6th December, 1980.


TV SMITH'S EXPLORERS: Tomahawk Cruise' (Big Beat).
A corker! Spindly Tim Smith bounces back with a strong new band and quite stunning debut forty-five. A powerful, plangent observation of the meltdown menace as embodied in those godawful cruise missiles (cue jeers, hisses and colourful beer cans), it glides along on a thick bass heavy beat to cream your grey matter and leave you in a cooing heap. A delicious anthem shaded with tentative synth and cautious strength. A wardance. A delight.
The flip, 'See Europe' is also excellent, lyrically sharp and a bugger to get out of the brain. This is more than the week's best release it's one of the finest singles of the year, 'you choose. . . between living and the Tomahawk cruise.'