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updated: 10-Jun-2003

Wall Park Brixham Devon, 12 Apr 2003, Saturday
Review written by: Mrs Fleagle

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Finding ourselves sitting outside Hoseasons Holiday Camp in Brixham we come to the conclusion we should have printed out the how to find us map on the Pontins website because quite frankly we hadnít got a clue where we were going.  It seems to becoming a tradition to get lost on the way to see TV.  We decide to use our initiative and ring the site, a very helpful receptionist gives us the most in-depth directions but they are so complicated the only thing I remember is the word hospital, so we decide just to drive and see if we can find signs for the hospital. We start driving around the windy roads of Brixham and there are no signs for the hospital then by chance we happen upon the road in which Pontins is located, hurrah weíre there.

We book in, get issued with our shocking pink hospital style wristbands and set off in search of out chalet.  Itís only a small site so were not to far from the amenities.  The chalets are basic but clean and incredibly cold.  We dump our stuff off go and check out the bar.  We spot a familiar face there, now where do we know that bloke from?  Itís Storky who organised the Ipswich Beer Festival gig minus his tiger stripe hair do, so we go and so hello.  After a pint and a bite to eat we get ready for the evenings music.  We donít stay too late because we are all tired after the long journey.

Itís Saturday and we head off to Brixham for lunch and find a very nice Bistro and have a good lunch because of the timings of the bands we want to see we know we wonít eat later.  We head back to Pontins pull into the carpark and see a familiar figure unloading his car, Fleagle canít resist using the local Devonian colloquialism TV had used in an email to him so bellowed out of the car window Ďoi get orf moi landí.  TVís chalet is a couple of rows down from ours the posh row of concrete chalets not the flimsy wood panel ones that we were in we just hoped it was warmer than ours.  TVís set is scheduled for 6.30 so we say we will see him over there.

We were watching the Parkinsons and Teev comes in heís next on the venue isnít that busy and he is a little concerned that his slot is a bit early, but itís coming up to his slot so he heads backstage.
TVís on stage and itís sound check time it shouldnít take too long as there is only TVís guitar to worry about but oh no finally 10 minutes into TVís slot heís ready to play.

TV opens with Only One Flavour.
He then sayís how good it is to have the barriers in front of the stage so he wonít get rushed, then second thoughts he decides having just turned 47 it might be fun and itís into No Time to be 21.
Then an excellent passionate performance of Not In My Name, the sound here is excellent and this is the best performance of this song I have heard yet.
Then on a theme itís The Great British Mistake.  
TV tells us he is going to do some songs about money and religion, yeah right, no chance because an endless stream of requests start coming from the swelling crowd.
There is a shout for On Wheels, why not says Teev Iíll give it a go it turns out to be the shortened version as TV seems to get a flat tyre half way through, despite the abrupt stop Teev pull it off and the requests are still coming.
Next up Tomahawk Cruise excellent one of my favourites and none of TJís  backing vocals, not that you would have heard him it was so loud.
Next is We Want the Road followed by Expensive Being Poor.
TV looks down at Fleagle says I havenít forgotten and honours his request for Lion and The Lamb.
Then Teev says he will do a song that is appropriate to the Punk Aid theme Ė An alternative to television and itís Televisions Over.
Then Safety in Numbers, Generation Y and yes someone actually shouted for it The Day We Caught the Big Fish. 
TV says he is going to play his hit sing GGE, oh no he isnít he is going to play Thin Green Line.
Towards the end of the song I catch the soundman out of the corner of my eye running his finger across his neck. Nooooooo it canít be the end, but yes it is you canít go over time even if the soundman buggered up the sound check. TV laments that heís only just warmed up and couldnít even play his hit single.

It was a superb performance and I am pleased to say the applause, whistles etc.. that TV received was the most enthusiastic we had heard so far, not the polite clapping we had heard for many artists.