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updated: 10-Jun-2003

Munich, 31 May 2003, Saturday
Review written by: Uli

I had been thinking almost the whole Friday long about going to Munich, maybe taking the train from Ulm instead of driving. On Saturday I still wasn't quite sure if I should go, but after I went online and found a message by JS, I knew that I would go! I phoned her, she was already in the train to Ulm, where we met up at the station and continued the journey to Munich.
We arrived at the venue "New Backstage" after 7pm, time enough to look around and sit in the beer garden. Actually there are two buildings and this night there were two gigs happening at the same time. T.V. and Garden Gang played in the smaller club which looked a lot nicer inside than the big one.
Before the gig started, we met both T.V. and Lari (always nice to have a TUTS meeting). René and Mariann were present too (I knew them from last year's gig in Stuttgart).
Garden Gang were great, they played a longer set with two drummers (!), both of them were good and their playing blended together very well, they seemed to have a lot of fun! This gig went down extremely well with their hometown crowd.
When T.V. started his gig, we were standing down the front of the stage and enjoying every minute of it. Lari was taking loads of photos, almost like a professional photographer!
He started with "Not A Bad Day" again, a song I'd hoped for, as it really was not a bad day we had in Munich! Other songs I remember were "For every hit there's a miss", "Earthbound", "Straight And Narrow", "I Know What You Want", "Ticket Out Of Here", "What If?" and many more (new ones and classics)... There must have been a lot of downloaders, as a big cheer went up when T.V. announced "Not In My Name"! The audience was unbelievable - from "Expensive Being Poor" onwards they sang along to many songs (mainly the ones from "Useless"), something I'd never heard at any gig before. It was such a great experience when so many people behind me were singing "Generation Y" or "Runaway Train Driver" (though some were singing "this is not the green train" in the wrong moments)! Many were dancing in the first rows, everyone having such a good time...
Later, when Garden Gang joined T.V., the pogoing started and we moved a bit out of the way and stood on the staircase at the side of the stage, interesting to watch the band from this point of view, though it didn't do much for the sound. But it was fun to look down and see the pogoing people...
They played "Only One Flavour", "Immortal Rich", "The Future Used To Be Better", "Sugar Crash", "Gary Gilmore's Eyes", "One Chord Wonders" and "Bored Teenagers" (incl. one encore).
Though T.V. didn't come back for a solo encore, it was a great gig and I'm glad we went!
We spent the rest of the night at the disco (which happens at "New Backstage" after the gigs) and for a little while with T.V. and the Gang in their small backstage area. Around 5am JS, Lari and me made our way back to the train station...