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updated: 10-Jun-2003

Lincoln, 26 Oct 2001, Friday
Review written by: Fred Owen

View also the photos of this gig taken by Fred Owen!

Finally seeing TV after 24 years!

Shortly after arriving at Lincoln I had the very great pleasure of meeting our hero, TV Smith! I was recovering after spending the last hour and a half stuck just outside Lincoln Central Station (thanks Railtrack!), but this wait does not compare with finally seeing TV perform in the flesh 24 years after discovering The Adverts.

I was not surprised to converse with a clearly articulate and intelligent person (a quick glance at any song or two tells you this) but also as charming and witty an entertainer as any - sorry if this doesn’t sound very 'Punk' - but it's true!

We were shortly joined by Tj and Alan (see earlier postings) amongst others and discussed various topics whilst sharing a few beers: excellent company and a great night - thanks lads and I'm sure we'll meet again!

To the main event - If you haven't seen TV perform his 'newer' material or are a little unsure of how the older material would come over in a solo, acoustic setting, then don't miss a chance to check TV out! ALL the enthusiasm, energy and quality song writing (that comes from having TV's powers of observation and interpretation of life and the world situation) come rushing to meet your ears when he starts to play!

It was great to catch TV on what was the last leg of the British tour. Tj’s posting says he played 34 songs - these covered all aspects of his career from The Adverts to his latest composition 'Swimming In The Flood'. These spanned over two hours of quality performance linked by anecdotes, topical commentary and responses to requests from us fans.

DO NOT MISS THIS MAN - SPREAD THE WORD. TV may rejoice in his sarcastic self-expressed statement of a lack of popular musical acclaim - "One hit record in 25 years - I thank you!" but we know better. There may well be no place for TV's music in mainstream (i.e. manufactured) music these days, but we who know his music treasure him. More power to you TV - keep on writing and performing: WE NEED YOU!

Hope to see again in less than 24 years!