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updated: 10-Jun-2003

Roll Like A River

Trans by:  Mark Cheney
revised by TV Smith

Capo on the third fret

   G          C     D  (4x)

   G                   Em         C                 D
     Falling down and falling out - part of growing up.

   G                   Em            C                D
     Remember how you used to think enough was not enough?

   G                Em       C                D
     Fueled by the fantasy     of having too much,

   G                   Em             C              D
     Everything seemed turned on this, then the idea stuck. 

Chorus (2x)
                 G          Em            C    D
     Well, you could roll like a river into the dirty sea
               G   Em           C       D
     Or you could swim upstream with me

     Am       D       B     Em
     You landed more than just a job
           E              A
     Got the rest thrown in for free
             D     B   Em
     A world of compromises, lies
        E       Am    D
     The whole mentality

   G                  Em           C          D
     Turn around and face the flow, start to swim.

   G                  Em          C                    D
     The deeper they dig the hole, the more of us fall in.

   G                  Em          C         D
     Every door they open leads to another door.

   G                  Em                 C       D
     The good worker never gets what he's dying for.

            G         Em             C         D
     And we all walk blindly down the well-worn way.

   G                  Em              C               D
     The slave driver rules with the collusion of the slaves.