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updated: 10-Jun-2003

Last Words Of The Great Explorer

Trans by:  Mr. C5 - Dave Allen

em                                d
Travel round the world, cover every inch
em                      d
It just cannot be done
em                                      d
You meet a lot of girls who donīt mean anything
em                      d
So only look for one

Thatīs the famous last words of the great
am                                          em
Oher men would not have got involved
Other men would just have walked by
and ignored her
But you just had to look
Had to touch
d          am            em    d
Had to lose control
em                                        d
You never trust them but still find yourself pulled in
em                              d
Forget the reason you set out
em                                     d
Go through the motions but forget the meaning
em                                      d
Your fleshy heart filled with doubt

em                                d
I was still in the foothills when I fell asleep
But I dreamed that I climbed all night
Until the blood ran from my feet
em                                              d
And I felt like a mountaineer as he reaches the brow
I dreamed I was waking up
c                                 d
Whatīs the use of that now?
em                                   d
Tomorrow - we will learn how to really love
em                                        d
Together - weīll go to distant lands
em                                                 d
Tomorrow - weīll see ourselves as others must see us
em                                      d
Together - we will be really friends again
chords as above

Thatīs the famous last words of the great explorer

Other men would not have got involved

Other men would just have walked by and ignored her

But you just had to look

Had to touch
d              am           em
Now you know too much