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updated: 10-Jun-2003

The Easy Way

Trans by:  Mr. C5 - Dave Allen

d                               g                        
These hands can´t push away all
coming dangers
d                        g                            a
The left hand and the right hand act
                     bm  a 
as strangers
g                                  a
One hand just takes hold of things
         d      a          g     a
The other has to pay

chorus                                        d
They just want it the easy way
g                 d
g            a
And for free

We all want it
We all want it the easy way
g               a
the easy way

d                               g
These hands grab every chance for
 warmth and shelter
d                      g                              a
These hands compete for every passing
                bm  a
g                           a
If we lose every difficulty
              d            a          g   a
We get weaker by the day

chorus repeat
d                                g
These hands could make up with some
 work and patience
d                              g      
These hand could join and then they´d
 a                       bm      a
shake the foundations
g                                 a
And then they could build again
              d     a     g      a
But is it likely anyway
chorus repeat
d            g       a
the easy way
d           g        a
the easy way