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TV Live / Re: The Adverts Archive Gigs Listing
« on: November 13, 2008, 08:21:11 PM »
Long term memory's not bad but short term's pretty poor - I can recite whole episodes of 'Bod' that I haven't seen for thirty odd years but can't remember what I did last week or what I'm supposed to be doing next week!

Assuming it's functioning well enough to remember, I'll be along out for a stripey mohair jumper!

TV Live / Re: The Adverts Archive Gigs Listing
« on: November 11, 2008, 09:10:05 PM »
Yeah, excellent stuff Phil - I'd have loved to have seen The Adverts - and The Pack!

See you on Saturday!

The Pack weren't particularly memorable, though it might have been an off day...there must have been about 20 people watching them and they had to persuade their drummer not to leave half way through the set. Gang of Four were excellent though...had a great line in manic dancing that was a close relation to Ian Curtis' stage moves, though not as unsettling to watch as Mr. Curtis.

TV Live / Re: The Adverts Archive Gigs Listing
« on: November 10, 2008, 08:55:05 PM »
It was my first 'proper' gig and cost the princely sum of 1.30 - it should have been 1.50 but my brother was studying at Thames Polytechnic and got a 20p discount! I remember it seeming incredibly loud and I remember being very unimpressed with the support band who spent most of the time gobbing at various sections of the audience who, of course, proceeded to gob back. I think TV's first comment to the audience was "you don't have to spit, we know you're there". Gaye didn't seem particularly interested, she just stood towards the back of the stage with her Flying V bass, although she came forward to do the "Bombsite boy" backing vocal bit on that song. TV did the slow part at the beginning of Bombsite Boy sitting cross legged on the stage. Howard was fairly animated but I don't think I even caught sight of the drummer - I presume that was Rod Latter although such was my ignorance I didn't even realise Laurie Driver was no longer in the band! The sound must have been pretty good as all the songs that I knew were recognisable, which is more than can be said for when I saw the Ramones a few years later... Looking at the various set lists I'd imagine that the set must have been pretty similar to that from Hamburg Markthalle as the first Red Sea song played was Drowning Men and that was about fourth or fifth in the set...I didn't have a copy of the One Chord Wonders single so I wouldn't have recognised Quickstep, though TV also introduced another song with the words "Obscure b-side time", though I guess that could've been New Day Dawning or We Who Wait. One Chord Wonders and Great British Mistake were the encore and there was a nifty little light show on the drums at the start of Gilmore...not exactly of Pink Floyd proportions but I think the rest of the stage was dark apart from the drum kit which lit up with various different colour lights!

Thirty years on I'm surprised I can remember as much but as my introduction to a real live punk rock gig (unfortunately I'd missed Adam and the Ants when they played the local town hall the previous year!) it made an impression. My second gig was a few weeks later when Penetration/Gang of Four/The Pack played the same venue and I've just seen that the Penetration set from that night has been officialy released in the last few months...

In another amazing coincidence I've also noticed the messages about Earthbound 08.....I live in the same road as the Wallington Windmill!!!! This may be the wrong place to ask but is it a 'turn up on the night' or tickets in advance (or sold out)....?

TV Live / Re: The Adverts Archive Gigs Listing
« on: November 08, 2008, 07:13:11 PM »
One that's not on your list is 21 October 1978 at Thames Polytechnic in Woolwich, South London. Support band was called The Imprints. I remember that they played all the songs from Crossing the Red Sea apart from On The Roof and they must have played Television's Over as TV introduced it as "our new single". Gaye was playing a Flying V bass!

I still have half a ticket stub from this gig (back in the days when your ticket would be torn in half on entry!)...

TV Chat / Adverts Pics (Plus Interviews With TV And Gaye)
« on: October 25, 2003, 03:01:17 PM »
Hi! First post here - just saw the OGWT dvd and saw it contained the Adverts which prompted me to see if I could find anything Adverts related on this super information highway thingy and I found this site. Brings back a few memories as the Adverts were the first band I ever saw...

Anyway something else I found (which is more appropriate to this thread) was 50 live pictures of the band from Belgium 12/3/78. Apologies if this information has been posted here  before (I couldn't see it anywhere...!)

The pictures are at the following link

The site also contains hundreds of other pictures of various bands and is well worth a look...

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