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World Chat / Cheers.
« on: June 15, 2021, 08:14:41 PM »
Happy National Beer Day. :)

« on: May 26, 2021, 12:27:18 PM »
Skids have a new album out.
It's cover versions.
I've heard 'Young Savage' and it sounds good.

1. Young Savage
2. Complete Control
4. Heart Of The City
5. The Light Pours Out Of Me
6. Rock On
7. Violence
8. 35mm Dreams
9. Submission
10. New York Groove
11. I Wanna Be Your Dog [CD ONLY]
12. The Saints Are Coming
13. Into The Valley
14. Christmas In Fife [CD ONLY]

TV Chat / Immortal Rich - Re-release
« on: August 15, 2020, 12:24:13 PM »
Posted by TV on FB....

Happy to say that the nice folks at Easy Action records have made my long lost 1994 album "Immortal Rich" available again on CD, with the "Thin Green Line" EP (which I recorded with Tom Robinson) and "Eurodisneyland Tomorrow" (which only appeared as a B-side) as bonus tracks. The album contains the first appearances of some of the songs that have now become favourites at gigs, including the title track and "Day We Caught The Big Fish," as well as many you will probably be less familiar with. You can get it from The Shop on my website, here:

World Chat / London Live TV Punk Season
« on: June 12, 2017, 08:05:46 PM »
Started just this minute...'Punk In London'. Later 'Rude Boy'.

Whole punk season on London's TV channel but you can watch it online outside of London at this link....

TV Songs / THE ADVERTS - 18 Cover versions by other artists
« on: May 22, 2017, 08:17:34 PM »
Some have been mentioned before, some haven't.
Some are ok and a couple are 'pants' but included for the sake of being 'completist'.
There will be a 2nd volume at some point.

And the information under it is....

Punk rock band from Bologna, Italy formed in 2000.
More recently found performing 'The Adverts' songs with TV Smith on tour.
Track from 'Punk 77-07 - The Italian Tribute To 30 Years Of R'n'r Swindle' compilation album (2007)

Canadian all-female punk rock band based in Vancouver, British Columbia 1977-1980.
Track recorded 'live' at the Windmill, Vancouver, October 23, 1978. and released on their 'Three' compilation album (2014)

Musical ensemble from Chicago, Illinois initiated by Jon Langford (also of the 'Waco Brothers' and 'The Mekons') as a covers group, with a constantly shifting repertory and cast of backing members.
Track from 'The Executioner's Last Songs Volume 1' album (2002)

Three piece emo/indie band from Philadelphia, PA.
Track from 'Here I Made This For You, Mixtape Vol 2' compilation EP (2017)

Alternative rock band from Rome, Italy.
Track from their 'No Escape From Acid Hysteria' album (1988)

American singer, percussionist, keyboardist and guitarist from Lilbourn, Missouri who sadly died in 2010.
Track from his 'Blood Visions' album (2006)

Electronic band from Montréal, Québec in Canada.
Track from their 'Les Mécanismes De La Culpabilité' 12” vinyl EP (2013)

An experimental music collective founded in 1993 by avant-garde composer/producer Tom Smith (formerly of Washington, DC groups Peach of Immortality and Pussy Galore) and Miami Beach musician/producer Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra. They were soon joined by oscillator player Ben Wolcott.
Track from the 'Helen Butte Vs. Masonna Pussy Badsmell' album (1996)

American catchy punk garage band from Portland, Oregon, formed around 2003 by members of 'The Flip-Tops'.
Track from their album 'Plastic Girls' (2003)

Band from Brescia, Italy formed in 2001 who describe themselves as 'Elitarian Undead Rock'.
Track taken from their 10” vinyl 'In Disguise' EP (2011)

French born, London based musician also in band called 'Rock 'n' Roll Suicides.
Uploaded to his own pages including Soundcloud (2015)

Punk band formed in Boise, Idaho during the summer of 1991.
Track taken from their 'World Full Of Haggis' 7” EP (1992)

London based musician.
Uploaded to his own Soundcloud page (2014)

All girl, teen punk band from Somerset, UK formed in August 2012.
Uploaded to their own Soundcloud page (2014)

Punk band from Santander, Cantabria, Spain formed around 1998.
Track from their 'Necro Minority' album (2000)

Cold Megan are, apparently, 'an exciting (if sonically jarring and emotionally scarring) rock and roll band' based maybe in Kent and/or London, UK.
Track uploaded to their own Soundcloud page (2010)

Amanda Lewis. Musician from Philadelphia.
Uploaded to her own Soundcloud page (2016)

German 'Goth'/New Wave/indie-rock band.
Track from their 'Diary Of A Sad Elephant' album (1992)

TV Chat / One Chord Wonders
« on: April 30, 2017, 07:58:21 PM »
Seemed to have missed yesterday's 40th Anniversary of the release of...

'One Chord Wonders' / 'Quickstep'.

Oh well. Only a day out. :)

World Chat / Poly Styrene documentary
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:25:38 PM »
I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I really can't find it.

 There's a 'crowd funder' for a documentary about Poly Styrene.
 It's raised 49% of a £70,000 flexible goal but there's only 6 days left.
 I hope they extend the deadline but if any old punks are interested..... ... c-feminism#/

World Abused / UPS and other non-delivery services...
« on: April 03, 2017, 04:53:55 PM »
This isn't really about TV's book and I feel abused so rant goes here...

14th March - Ordered TV's book and vinyl. Of course I did.
19th March - Suppliers confirmed order on the way.
21st March - UPS say they attempted delivery when what they mean is that they posted a card through my door and drove away in the 20 seconds it took me to see them out of the upstairs window and walk down the stairs. Card says I have to go to Barking Depo. and pick it up. No way.
21st March - Contacted UPS to request 2nd delivery attempt.
27th March - Advised by tracking that it was still at the Depo. and when was I going to pick it up.
27th March - Phoned UPS 'Customer Services' to point out I'd requested a re-delivery 5 days earlier and when were they coming to deliver it. They said they'd get it sorted and apologies for the delay.
30th March - Phoned again and was told deliver 'today (Thursday 30th) or tomorrow (Friday 31st) latest. And apologies for the delay.
31st March - Advised by tracking that it was still at the Depo. and when was I going to pick it up.
31st March - Phoned again and told re-delivery instructions had been sent to the Depo. and apologies for the delay.
3rd April - Another card through the door saying I wasn't in. I was. I've been nowhere. And there's three of us here and we've all been up since 7am so if they did try to deliver it must have been in the middle of the night..
3rd April - Phoned again at mid-day and was told delivery today absolute latest and they'd phone me within 2 hours to confirm when the van was on it's way. And apologies for the delay.
3rd April - It's now 5pm. No phone call. And tracking information has been updated to's still at the Depo. and when am I going to pick it up.....

World Chat / Doctors Of Madness Boxset
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:53:26 PM »

''....supplemented with never-before-heard recordings from June 1975 and late 1976, along with live recordings of songs they never tackled in the studio, including those with The Adverts’ TV Smith, and a prospective 1978 single made with The Damned’s David Vanian on vocals. All tracks are newly remastered...''

World Of TUTS / Goodbye Alan. You will be missed.
« on: November 02, 2016, 03:19:41 PM »
A sad message from Chris Smith.

''I’m so sorry to say that my dad, Alan Smith, passed away yesterday after a very short and sudden illness.
He died peacefully, at home, surrounded by his family. If you’ve got to go that’s the way to do it.
In the last few days he got to see so many of his friends and family, and it was amazing to see all the love being sent his way.''


World Chat / Butlins Skegness 2016 - A sort of review.
« on: October 15, 2016, 06:16:06 PM »
The Great British Alternative Music Festival, Butlins Skegness - 7th - 10th October 2016

Day 1: Left home early allowing 4 and a half hours for a 3 and a half hour journey. Unfortunately it took 5 and a half hours as it took an hour to get through the Boston rush hour and school chuck-outs. Oh well...

We arrived and found our room. Took half an hour to find a parking spot. This meant that, although we could hear them, we didn't actually get to see 'Chaos 8' (who I'd been looking forward to) or 'March To The Grave' (who I know nothing about) on the 'Introducing Stage'. I'm told they were both very good so that's 2 to add to the 'must see another time' list.
After getting our dinner (included in price, eat all you want, very nice) we got to see 'Knock Off' and 'Heavy Drapes'. Both entertaining. Also met up with Mr Fish and Graham Saxby hanging around the ale bar like a couple of 'dodgy geezers'.
The 'Introducing Stage' offered all the bands (four per day) professional sound and equipment and you could vote on favourite band of the day; winners to play on the main stages next year. Didn't vote on Day 1 'cause of not seeing the first two bands. Also bumped into Fleagle. Actually, being mostly a Northern crowd, I think we only met maybe 20 people we already knew over the whole weekend. Didn't matter. Made new friends all weekend.

Evening Friday; We decided on the 'Centre Stage' (Main Stage 2) and saw an absolutely brilliant set by 'Big Country' and, dare I say it, an even better set by 'The Tom Robinson Band'. 'Big Country' sounded note perfect and if you closed your eyes you couldn't even tell that Stuart Adamson wasn't on stage. Bodes well for the 'Skids' reunion as both these guitarists are involved. Tom Robinson performed songs from all over his career, included all the ones we love, and updated the lyrics to suit 2016. The songs from the new album sounded great with a full band. He was also very affable and got everyone singing along to the likes of 'Martin' and '2468 Motorway'. I noticed some folk wouldn't sing along to 'Glad To Be Gay' and I think I made some skinheads at the next table uncomfortable when I joined in. Ha ha.
So, what did we miss on the other stage? 'The Lambrettas' and 'UK Subs'. Didn't care about one and the Subs I've already seen at least 4 times this year already. Think I'll let the new guitarist 'settle in' before I see them next. That other room ended with 'Anti-Nowhere League' that do nothing for me and our room ended with Tim V's version of 'Sham 69'. I have nothing against them but we were tired and so we went to bed.   

Day 2: After breakfast we took a stroll along the coast to the fairgrounds and the market. Had a great time in town and nearly got back too late for the afternoon set by 'The Fuckwits' on the 'Reds' (Main Stage 1). But we caught a bus and made it and they were great. Very jolly set. After dinner we headed over to 'Centre Stage' for an absolutely blinding set by 'Angelic Upstarts'. This was one of the highlights of my weekend. I hadn't seen them for years and have to say they sound better now than I ever remember. I must see them again soon. All the classics were played and there was much baiting of Tories, Nazis and the Police as you might expect. But all with a great sense of humour.
The 'Introducing Stage' this afternoon gave us 'The Negatives' from Bradford who had every conceivable technical thing go wrong but soldiered on and gained respect for doggedness. They were followed by 'Resistance 77'. Not my scene so we went to the pub. And we stayed in the pub so I can't give any clear or unbiased report on 'First Wave' or 'Suburban Toys' 'cause we were chatting with a nice couple from Bolton and a drunken Mod from Hull instead.
What else did we miss this afternoon apart from that? 'Bad Manners' (whatever) and 'Loyd Grossman' (nope).

Evening Saturday; Tonight is 'The Stranglers' night and we knew half the camp was planning to go to their 11pm set. And so, after dinner, we got in the queue for 'Reds' at 6.15pm an hour BEFORE doors at 7.15pm. We were about numbers 15 and 16 in the queue. By 7.15pm the queue was over 1,000 strong. Glad we thought ahead. We got seats and met with a fine fellow called Jerry from Dorset. He was such a gentleman he insisted on going to the bar so that we didn't have to fight through the crowds on our sticks. We held his seat for him and insisted on buying most of the rounds. He is also an old 'Members' fan and was quite pleased when we introduced him to the band who came a day early to enjoy the event. So that all turned out mutually beneficial. But had to endure a tedious set of folky/traveller songs by Dave Sharp previously of 'The Alarm'. There's only one guy that can perform solo on stage with just a guitar and hold my attention and unfortunately this wasn't him. We were rewarded for our patience (or impatience) when 'The Rezillos' did a fine show; even if there were some technical difficulties and a shortened set. Unfortunately Butlins is very strict about timings.
Then 'The Stranglers'. I'm a fan obviously. But I will admit that the 'newer' songs were played much better than the 'old classics' as Dave Greenfield seems to be quite bored of playing them. The 'greatest hits' songs were a bit 'perfunctory'. Luckily for me I was more interested in the songs from the last two albums and they were amazing. Spot on. And the 'nostalgists' didn't seem to mind. The room was heaving and jumping from the first song to the last. And they didn't play 'Golden Brown'; RESULT! A late session after the bands is all a bit blurry. Much ale and rum, etc.

Day 3; No stroll along the beach today. Bit achey. So after a leisurely breakfast we popped into the booking office. next year's confirmed acts were already announced as 'Skids', 'The Vapors', 'Theatre Of Hate', 'Ruts DC', 'Lene Lovich' and 'Toyah'. We 'upgraded' our 'package' but it still turned out cheaper than this year. Excellent!

Afternoon bands today started with 'The Marc O'Reilly Band'. We were unfamiliar with this Irish roots artist but were very impressed. My wife, Xa, was particularly happy 'cause she's a fan of the late 'John Martyn' and this guitar band sounded somewhat like him only with a lot more bollocks. We stayed in 'Reds' for the next band. It was 'The Blockheads'. Ian Dury or no these are a brilliant band. They did the old songs proud and the new songs are similarly funny, sarcastic, caustic and filled with rhythms your feet can't ignore. The only 'Blockhead' missing was Norman Watt-Roy who was ill. But his bass stand-in was brilliant and I'm just sad I failed to catch his name. A great sing-a-long set. Knock me down with a feather.....

Evening Sunday; our last night was truly mixed-bag of treats. We saw 'Snide Remarks', Church Of Eon', 'Inequality Street' and 'Borrowed Time' on the 'Introducing Stage' and I'd be hard-pushed to decide which was best. They were all very good in different ways and with different styles making choosing one to go forward to play a main stage next year difficult. But I went with 'Church Of Eon' (anthem after anthem) and Xa went with 'Inequality Street' (who sound far better live than their studio recordings to my ears).
After dinner we went to see 'The Stiffs' who I loved and Xa found tedious. Can't please everyone. I wasn't over familiar with their material but they were super tight and there was some excellent guitar duelling. We went to see them 'cause 'Spear Of Destiny' were on the other stage and they don't do much for me; although I loved 'The Pack' and we'll probably check out 'Theatre Of Hate' next year.
Anyway, we stayed in our seats as the venue became rammed for 'From The Jam'. Entertaining yes. Almost note perfect yes. Something missing....yes. I'd rather hear this great band as Bruce Foxton's backing band doing his own, solo stuff. This set really is pure nostalgia and I'm not really into that. There were also some very drunk skinheads falling over the tables. So, after about 6 songs, we decided to go check out 'The Tubes' in 'Reds'.

And are we so glad we did. They'd gone on late so we'd only missed the first song. Jerry had not only held seats for us but had got a couple of rounds in ready. 'The Tubes' were fucking brilliant. They started out doing stuff that was more like James Brown than anything else I can think of then they jumped around in their back catalogue from funk 'n' soul to rock 'n' blues and back again. Yes, they did 'White Punks On Dope' but it wasn't even the best thing in the set. They were a revelation. And Fee Waybill is hilarious. A definite highlight. And totally unexpected.

And so to the last band. Yes, it was my mates 'The Members'. And what were they up against in the other room? 'The Sex Pissed Dolls'. Oh dear. A lot of people left after 'The Tubes' to go and check out that 'covers' band....but most of them were back halfway into 'The Members' 2nd song. Which was lucky because they were on the best form I've seen them in maybe a year. Old songs not performed for 35 years or so back in the set and sounding great. Very tight. 'Handling The Big Jets', 'Flying Again', 'Soho-A-Go-Go' plus all those one's they're obliged to play. You know which ones I mean. Great sound. An appreciative crowd. Great end to a great weekend.

Day 4; Monday. All there was left was breakfast and a long drive home. If we could've booked our room another night we would've to avoid the 'hangover drive'. But next year we're thinking of booking a B&B for one night in Skegness. Or Skag Vegas as it's known by some.

And then a week of chesty, phlegmy coughs and headaches. Some say it was over-indulgence, some blame the air-conditioning in packed venues, some even blame the plastic pint glasses in the bars. Whatever it was it's not put me off going back next year. We're booked. It's locked in. Looking forward to it.

World Chat / The Wolfhounds petition.
« on: September 26, 2016, 12:19:08 PM »

World Chat / The Damned - Pledge album.
« on: August 03, 2016, 08:37:36 PM »

Launched 6 hours ago.
Limited vinyl version (500) has only 150 copies left.
46% funded.


World Chat / The Damned BBC 6
« on: May 11, 2016, 12:42:07 PM »
The Damned are live in session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 on Thursday 19th May...the day before they do the Royal Albert Hall.
It's their first session for the BBC since 1993 and their first radio session since the US WMFU Radio session in 2009.

Also, Gaye says she just did an interview about The Damned for a documentary due to go out, also on BBC 6, on Sunday 22nd May.

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