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Which Song Did TV Choose Play For Himself At EARTHBOUND 3?

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We all voted for the special set list for EARTHBOUND 3.

But which song did TV begin with the words "So now I choose" at the brewery?

Here's a clue. :D It's one of these :arrow:

--- Quote ---1 Not A Bad Day    
2 Carrying On    
3 Good Times Are Back (first appearance!)  
4 Straight And Narrow    
5 Quickstep    
6 Generation Y    
7 The Servant    
8 The Easy Way    
9 Walk Away    
10 Dominator    
11 Coming Round    
12 Lord's Prayer    
13 People Don't Know    
14 Earth 2    
15 All The Right Hands Rise    
16 Thin Green Line    
17 Tomahawk Cruise    
18 London Beach    
19 War Fever    
20 One Of Our Missiles Is Missing    
21 Atlantic Tunnel    
22 The Sure Thing    
23 Lion And The Lamb    
24 Bored Teenagers    
25 Only One Flavour    
26 The Ghost Of Westminster    
27 Xmas Bloody Xmas    
28 Television's Over    
29 On Your Video    
30 Immortal Rich    
31 Some Kind Of War    
32 Driver Or Passenger    
33 Wheels Out Of Gear    
34 Make Your Escape    
35 Eurodisneyland Tomorrow    
36 My String Will Snap    
37 Runaway Train Driver    
38 Drowning On Dry Land    
39 Not In My Name    
40 Gary Gilmore's Eyes
--- End quote ---

It was a moving masterpiece!


ooh thats so tough, considering I wasn't there and havent heard the gig myself. So randomly picking.... The Sure Thing.

Interestingly that's the only song played at the gig I haven't managed to get to hear yet Josh.

No it's not The Sure Thing. Me and Klaus voted for that, not TV. :D

Your on the right line though. :wink:


Ah well a guess it was, so is this request list online anywhere?

Yep. It's under the EARTHBOUND 3 posts in TV Live. :D



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